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Rend Blackhand
Dal'rend Blackhand
头衔 Warchief of the Dark Horde, Chieftain of the Blackrock, Chieftain of the Black Tooth
种族 兽人
职业 战士 WC2BnE logo 16x42.png
身份 大酋长 of the Dark Horde, Chieftain of the 黑石氏族, Chieftain of the Black Tooth Grin clan
所在地 Blackrock Stadium, Upper Blackrock Spire
状态 Deceased[1]
阵营 Neutral
势力 Blackrock / Black Tooth, Dark Horde, Black dragonflight
前势力 旧部落
亲属 Blackhand (father), Urukal (mother), 麦姆 (brother), Griselda (sister)
同伴 Gyth (坐骑)


—— 雷德·黑手

达尔雷德·黑手Dal'rend Blackhand[2] 通常被称为雷德·黑手,是前部落嗜血首领——毁灭者黑手的儿子,以及黑暗部落的前酋长。他相信他是血统最纯正的正统部落酋长,并企图推翻萨尔和他的新部落。为此,他将黑暗部落的力量与奈法利安联合起来。两人结合了双方的资源创造了多彩龙,他们希望以此来释放这个世界。他的坐骑是一只巨大的多彩巨龙,名叫Gyth。他指挥着大批兽人森林巨魔和食人魔,随着黑龙的支持,雷德被认为是萨尔领导的新部落的一大威胁。他最终在追寻中被杀:为了部落!



WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png 本段文字所记述的内容来自魔兽争霸系列小说短篇

Rend and his brother and sister had a short childhood due to Warlocks aging of children, but unlike other Orc parents Blackhand was happy to put forward his children first for artificial aging.[3] After 'coming of age' Rend served with the other members of the First Horde in the fight to exterminate the Draenei. After the Siege of Telmor, Durotan was offered the city as reward for leading the raid on it. When Durotan turned it down, Blackhand and his family were more than happy to take Telmor as their own, even going so far as wearing the clothes and sleeping in the beds of the Draenei they had killed.[4] This ended when the whole of the Orcish Horde was moved to Hellfire Citadel to better carry out the orders of Blackhand.[5] After this, Rend alongside Maim accompanied Blackhand into Blade's Edge, where an alliance of ogres and orcs was made. Eventually, both sons drank the blood of Mannoroth.


WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png 本段文字所记述的内容来自魔兽争霸系列小说短篇

During the Second War, Rend served as lieutenant to 大酋长 Orgrim Doomhammer. He and his brother Maim often questioned Doomhammer's orders, as Orgrim killed Blackhand the Destroyer and took his place as Warchief but never disobeyed any order. However, Orgrim allowed the insubordination because the two brothers were leaders of the powerful Black Tooth Grin clan.[6] Doomhammer ordered Rend to gather his army and freed Zul'jin from Hillsbrad. Rend was successful and later he and his brother were amongst the army who attacked Quel’Thalas.

During the siege of the Capital City of Lordaeron, Rend was ordered by Doomhammer to have his clan break off and chase after the traitorous Gul'dan, who had taken to the sea in search of the Eye of Sargeras.[7] He and his army battled against Cho'gall, but once they learned that Gul'dan had perished within the Tomb of Sargeras they returned to Doomhammer.

Rend and Maim later personally fought Turalyon at the Dark Portal, only to flee when it became evident that the paladin had the upper hand.[8] Rend and Maim took control of the remaining Blackrock orcs and began to rebuild the Horde at Blackrock Spire.

Beyond the Dark Portal

WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png 本段文字所记述的内容来自魔兽争霸系列小说短篇
Rend in WoW.

About two years later, the Dark Portal reopened and emissaries from Ner'zhul, led by Teron Gorefiend, were immediately sent to Rend and Maim asking them to rejoin the Horde, and to ask to borrow the red dragons held captive by the allied Dragonmaw clan. Rend only laughed and refused. Not only did he call Ner'zhul a coward for staying safe in Draenor while he fought the Alliance with Orgrim Doomhammer, but that Ner'zhul will fail in time. Unable to enter an agreement, Teron leaves the warchief to his bidding.[9]

Not long after, Nefarian, sent by Deathwing, came to Blackrock Spire and took control of the Blackhand brothers and the forces under their control.

World of Warcraft

WoW Icon 16x16.png 本段文字所记述的内容来自魔兽世界

大酋长萨尔 demanded Rend's assassination in Quest:For The Horde!, where he was killed and decapitated. Rend was also the objective of Quest:The False Warchief.

In the RPG

The RPG Icon 16x36.png 本段文字所记述的内容来自魔兽争霸角色扮演游戏,这些设定可能是非官方设定.

Dark Iron dwarves from Blackrock Depths swarmed up and tried to destroy the Dark Horde. The Dark Horde fought back, and Maim was killed in savage battle. His sacrifice, plus Rend's alliance with the Black Dragonflight, allowed them to drive back the Dark Irons and maintain their hold on Blackrock Spire.[10]


Rend and Gyth.

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