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Reputation Factions in World of Warcraft
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Bilgewater Cartel
Bilgewater Banner.png
首脑 IconSmall Gallywix.gif Prince Jastor Gallywix

IconSmall Goblin Female.gif Mida Silvertongue

IconSmall Goblin Male.gif Uncle Bedlam
IconSmall Goblin Male.gif Commander Molotov
种族构成 地精男性地精女性地精
主城 Bilgewater Harbor
Bilgewater Port (formerly)
根据地 Goblin Slums
Nozzlepot's Outpost
Hardwrench Hideaway
势力范围 Azeroth
主要语言 Goblin
其他语言 Orcish, Common

Bilgewater Battalion
Bilgewater Buccaneers

Gob Squad
所属阵营 Independent (formerly)[1]
军需官 Frizzo Villamar
奖励 IconSmall Trike.gif Trike mounts
状态 Active
战袍 Bilgewater Cartel Tabard.jpg
The truth is that quite a few goblins combine a shrewd business sense with a certain level of... moral flexibility.

锈水财阀Bilgewater Cartel is one of the large goblin organizations found on Azeroth. Run by the ruthless Trade Prince Gallywix, it is the most powerful trading company on the Isle of Kezan. From their headquarters at Bilgewater Port, the cartel dominates trade all over the South Seas.[2] It is competing with other goblin organizations such as the Steamwheedle Cartel and Venture Trading Company over both resources and customers.[请求来源]

In the game, the Bilgewater Cartel is a Horde-aligned faction related to the playable Bilgewater goblins, introduced in Cataclysm. It is thus the sixth racial Horde-faction to be added to the game. They have their own quartermaster, rewards, and tabard which in dungeons will boost reputation for every kill.


In general, the goblin cartels of Azeroth prefer to remain neutral profiteers in the conflicts that rage throughout the kingdoms of other races, providing aid and equipment to multiple sides and raking in as much money as they can with minimal involvement. The Bilgewater Cartel is different - its members see opportunity in commitment, and, so, when the chance came to join the Horde, they hurried to offer their aid.[请求来源] Or, at least, that's the story their trade prince tells - rumors abound that Gallywix was pressured to join the Horde after a defeat at the hands of its former warchief, Thrall.

The cartel's home base was once Bilgewater Port on the Isle of Kezan, but the vast majority of its operations are now concentrated in Orgrimmar's slums and Bilgewater Harbor in Azshara.

Joining the Horde

Cataclysm 本段文字所记述的内容来自魔兽世界:大地的裂变


The goblins of Kezan were all going about their daily lives having recently created a new drink called Kaja'Cola in an attempt to boost their intelligence. Suddenly, Deathwing had made an appearance at Bilgewater Port, claiming the Hour of Twilight was drawing close. The goblins not very concerned with the threats, continued on with their day. Eventually it was discovered that Mount Kajaro had began to erupt and some goblins tried to cash in on the event. Trade Prince Jastor Gallywix of the Bilgewater Cartel charged desperate goblins fleeing for their lives 1 billion macaroons in exchange for saving their lives and leading them to safety on his private yacht. Gallywix however, was not true to his word and instead took the money and enslaved all those he saved. Gallywix then looked to start a new trade empire in the distant lands of Azshara with him being the most powerful goblin on Azeroth.

Arrival on the Lost Isles

Gallywix and his goblins were discovered by Alliance ships as they were attempting to capture the former orc Warchief, Thrall. The humans then fired at the goblins' ship to prevent any witnesses and after their vessel was sunk, the goblin survivors washed up onto the Lost Isles. The goblin survivors used the remnants of their destroyed vessel as a small base camp and fought off the local wildlife to secure their camp.

Cooperation with the Horde

Eventually the goblins discovered an orcish journal revealing orc survivors in the isles. The goblin survivors thought it best to look to the orcs for help and sought out their base camp. The goblins then sent a representative to ask for help from the orcs. The orc survivors agreed to help if the goblins aided them in return. The adventurer had slain all the plants in the orcs' way and impressed the leader of the orc survivors- Aggra. Aggra then agreed to assist the goblins find their way off the isles. Much later it was discovered that human agents too had found their way onto the island during their mission to bring Thrall to Stormwind. Eventually the the Adventurer defeat the humans and rescues Thrall.

The Pygmy Threat

The goblins later decided to go to the larger of the two isles and deployed a Town-In-A-Box so they could have a location to rest themselves. The goblins were eventually met with Naga and Pygmy troubles but were able to fight them back. Eventually the goblins aspired to end the pygmy threat and using many gadgets they managed to destroy the various tribes and found themselves in the center of the isle where they killed the pigmys' turtle god, Volcanoth. Yet the death of the turtle causes the island volcano to erupt.

Defeat of the Trade Prince

The goblins met up with the orcs once more to beat back the Alliance for good and being impressed with the goblins' cunning and strength, the orcs agreed to take the fight to Trade Prince Gallywix who enslaved the majority of the goblin survivors with mind control of some type. When Gallywix was finally beaten, he was told by Thrall that he could live if the Bilgewater Cartel became a part of the Horde. Gallywix bitterly accepted and the goblins and orcs parted ways, with Thrall going to the Maelstrom to heal the world and the goblins going to live in their new home Orgrimmar- capital of the orcs.


They have a team named the Bilgewater Buccaneers in the goblin sport known as footbomb, a game where goblins sit in shredders and have to kick bombs on each other. They often compete against the Steamwheedle Sharks, the Steamwheedle Cartel's team.[3]


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