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部族Tribe is a social unit consisting of a number of families united under a common hereditary chieftain. Typically, trolls organize in these groups, and some sources suggest tauren and taunka identify more often as tribes than clans. The term tribe is sometimes used interchangeably with the term clan.

Tauren tribes

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Troll tribes

Jungle troll tribes

Forest troll tribes

Ice troll tribes

Sand troll tribes

  • Sandfury - Formerly affilated with the Gurubashi Empire. Present in Tanaris.

Dark troll tribes

Zandalar troll tribes

Tol'vir tribes


Murloc tribal system

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Murlocs live in tribes, each tribe to its own village of usually six to twelve individuals.[4][5] Many murloc tribes exist, and the tribes get along with each other reasonably well.[6] Each tribe has a name that seems indicative of its members’ activities, appearance, or history, such as "Lostfin" or "Bluegill". Multiple tribes in the same area are organized into larger clans, and every so often all tribes in a clan meet to discuss issues of importance.[4][6] However, keeping a large group of murlocs coordinated and in agreement for any significant length of time is difficult.[4] Members of a single tribe are usually similar in appearance.[4]

See: Known murloc territories and villages.


Naga tribes


Gnoll tribes

See: Gnoll tribes.

Ogre tribes


Broken tribes

  • Kurenai: This group of Broken, whose name means "redeemed", have attempted to re-establish contact with their "pure" cousins from the Exodar. They are enemies of the Horde, much like the majority of their race. Their home ground is the city of Telaar in Nagrand; their other major outpost is the Orebor Harborage in Zangarmarsh.
  • Murkblood: The Murkblood tribe is a tribe of hostile Broken located in the Underbog of Coilfang Reservoir, as well as Nagrand. They are enemies of both the Kurenai and the Mag'har. They are lead by the hunter Swamplord Musel'ek. Some of the tribe has also been enslaved by the Dragonmaw Clan and are kept working in the Netherwing mines. Theses Murkblood have secretly allied with Netherwing in an attempt to drive away the Dragonmaw.
  • Ashtongue tribe: The Ashtongue is the faction of Broken in the service of Illidan Stormrage. They are the most evil tribe of Broken and their leader, Akama, is considered to be the most evil traitor against the draenei people. These Broken were handpicked by Akama himself to maintain his evil facade with Illidan Stormrage.
    • Ashtongue Deathsworn: The Ashtongue Deathsworn are Akama's personal guard, they are a subdivision of the tribe that know Akama's true intention. They are seeking adventurers to aid their master for the final battle against Illidan.

模板:Broken draenei

Lost one tribes

  • Windyreed: A tribe of Lost Ones located in Nagrand. Due to their negative impact on the environment, they are enemies with the Shaman of the Earthen Ring.
  • Portal Seekers: The Portal Seekers travelled through the Dark Portal with Magtoor, but have descended into madness. They reside in the Blasted Lands near the Portal.

模板:Lost one

Furbolg tribes


Wolvar tribes


Gorloc tribes


Makrura tribes


Quilboar tribes


See also


  1. Bloodscalp Clan Heads
  2. Mogh the Undying
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