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Fel orcs
Fel orcs
阵营 Fel Horde (Illidari)
Iron Horde (燃烧军团)
Magtheridon's Forces (燃烧军团)

WoW Icon 16x16.png Archer, Blademaster, Dark shaman, 猎人, 法师, Necrolyte, Necromancer, Rogue, 术士, Warrior

The RPG Icon 16x36.png Barbarian
种族主城 中立 地狱火堡垒(平行世界)
Alternate Draenor:
中立 Hellfire Citadel (Alternate universe)
种族领袖 Unknown
 Gul'dan [阵亡]
 Kilrogg Deadeye [阵亡]
 Kargath Bladefist [阵亡]
 Magtheridon [阵亡]
坐骑 IconSmall Worg.gif Wolf
IconSmall DrakeNether.gif Nether drake
故乡 Draenor
语言 兽人语

邪兽人Fel orcs,又名鲜血兽人[1]是在持续使用深渊领主邪能之血后被其腐化的兽人。他们已经完全陷入了疯狂和嗜血。[2]大多数邪兽人现位于外域,是效命于伊利达雷邪部落成员。在平行宇宙的古尔丹掌控了钢铁部落,使其忠于燃烧军团后,平行宇宙的德拉诺的许多兽人也变为了邪兽人。

The fel orcs were originally created by the former ruler of Outland, 玛瑟里顿. When Illidan Stormrage overthrew him, he took control of his Fel Horde and imprisoned the pit lord, using his blood to produce more fel orcs. They are easily distinguishable from regular orcs by their red skin, glowing red eyes, longer tusks and the spiky growths all over their body. The alternate Draenor fel orcs are the result of orcs drinking the blood of Mannoroth and have similar features to the Outland ones, albeit with black and grey skin and glowing green eyes instead of red.


Third War

WC3RoC logo 16x32.png 本段文字所记述的内容来自魔兽争霸III

The only instance in which fel orcs were active on Azeroth was during the 第三次战争. Arthas Menethil fought against the Slave Master at Strahnbrad and against Jubei'Thos at the Blackrock encampment early in the Third War.


TBC 本段文字所记述的内容来自魔兽世界:燃烧的远征

When the pit lord 玛瑟里顿 took control of 外域, he created fel orcs by corrupting them with his blood. Fel orcs made up the backbone of Magtheridon's armies. After Magtheridon was defeated by Illidan and imprisoned, the fel orcs stayed in 地狱火堡垒(平行世界), keeping guard over the captured pit lord as servants of Illidan. Illidan has continued using the blood of Magtheridon to create more fel orcs to follow him. A letter recovered from one of the orcs has revealed that Illidan is not pleased with the orcs' progress with the defense of the Blood Furnace.[3] They are capturing many orcs, and Mag'har, then experimenting on them to create fel orcs.

Caza'rez of the 部落 is working on a cure for the fel orcs converted by the Illidari.[4]

Twilight Highlands

Cataclysm 本段文字所记述的内容来自魔兽世界:大地的裂变

A group of Dragonmaw fel orcs, led by the former Illidari lieutenant Mor'ghor, traveled from Outland to the Twilight Highlands to enslave the Dragonmaws who had remained on Azeroth. However, Mor'ghor and his fel orcs were defeated by the forces of Garrosh Hellscream, 大酋长 of the 部落, and 督军扎伊拉 of the Dragonmaw.

Alternate Draenor

WoD 本段文字所记述的内容来自魔兽世界:德拉诺之王

On the alternate Draenor, Gul'dan and his followers were described as fel orcs, but had green skin rather than red skin and mutations. Sean Copeland clarified that these orcs are fel-corrupted but not true "fel orcs."[5]

After the Iron Horde suffered devastating losses, Gul'dan took control of the faction by capturing Warchief Grommash and convincing Kilrogg Deadeye, Warlord of the Bleeding Hollow clan, to drink the blood of Mannoroth (who had much earlier been slain by Grommash) and transform into a fel orc. Thousands of Iron Horde orcs then accepted the blood of Mannoroth, transforming them into fel orcs as well, but none grew as powerful as three champions: Dia Darkwhisper, Gurtogg Bloodboil and Blademaster Jubei'thos. Tainted with fel sickness, the three began serving Gul'dan as both Highguard and Council of War, becoming known as the Hellfire High Council.[6]

Fel orc forces can be found serving the Legion throughout Tanaan Jungle — mainly at the Iron Front, the Fel Forge and atop the Throne of Kil'jaeden — and in the halls of Hellfire Citadel. The Hand of the Prophet draenei forces stationed in the jungle argued that if their leader, Prophet Velen, were there to guide them, he would not simply give up on the entire race, and while the draenei's eredar brothers are seemingly lost forever, the orcs of Azeroth did manage to break free from the Burning Legion. Thus, Alliance heroes were sent out to gather vials of fel orc blood for draenei scholars to study in the hopes of finding a way to reverse the corruption process.[7] Similarly, Lady Liadrin and her Blood Knights believed there to be a way back for the fel orcs and also asked for blood samples from freshly turned orcs. However, not every member of the 部落 forces in Tanaan had as bright of an outlook on the fel orcs' chance at redemption.[8]


Legion 本段文字所记述的内容来自魔兽世界:军团再临

While much fewer in number, some fel orc members of the 暗影议会 resembling the ones from Draenor can be found on the Broken Isles, such as Lord Malgath in the Assault on Violet Hold.

Other fel orcs from 外域 can also be seen imprisoned in the Vault of the Wardens.

Gul'dan turns into a truer fel orc during his boss fight, with red skin and larger spikes growing from his back.

Appearance and characteristics

The consumption of pit lord blood results in a blood haze, uncontrollable bloodlust, and physical changes as well.[2] Even those who were transformed unwillingly end up exhibiting these traits, and end up forced to obey the supplier of the blood. The Illidari fel orcs are produced using an elixir. The procedure is extremely painful, and tends to drive subjects mad.[9]

The standard 外域 fel orc has red skin, and a ridge of long sharp spines coming out of its back. Bony horns grow from its arms and hands. Its eyes are bloodshot and glow red, and six long and thin fangs grow out of its mouth. Its ears are stubbier than orc ears, coming to a blunt point. These features siginify a fel orc as much as its maddened lust for destruction.[2] Fel orc blood is described as bubbling, as if full of rage.[10] Most fel orcs have lived for years in Outland with the corruption, and this has led to greater mutations. These fel orcs are formidable foes, with even the weakest among their number being just as powerful as any normal green-skinned orc.[11]

The fel orcs of alternate Draenor instead feature gray skin with black, horn-like growths, glowing green eyes, and glowing green "cracks" on the skin and aforementioned growths. The reason for this difference in appearance is unknown, as Gul'dan himself, who had previously drunk the blood of Mannoroth, only gained green skin and red eyes, without the gray skin and mutations. One possible explanation for this difference may be the "freshness" of the blood; Mannoroth had been dead for some time before the fel orcs of alternate Draenor drank his blood, unlike Gul'dan. According to Vindicator Krethos, Gul'dan's poison turned the already ferocious orcs into "hateful, vicious creatures with no soul"[7] while Shadow Hunter Denjai describes the fel orcs as "monsters", "fel beasts" and "soulless savages".[8] The blood of Draenic fel orcs remains warm to the touch long after the orc is killed.[12]


Concept art of a fel orc.
WC3RoC logo 16x32.png Warcraft III
Name Role Affiliation Status Location
中立  Bloodgrin Guard of 玛瑟里顿 Magtheridon's Forces, 燃烧军团 已故 Unknown
中立  Bonethirst Guard of 玛瑟里顿 Magtheridon's Forces, 燃烧军团 已故 Unknown
中立  Gorgosh Defender of a dimensional gateway Magtheridon's Forces, 燃烧军团 已故 Unknown
中立  Jubei'Thos Leader of the Blackrock forces in Lordaeron 黑石氏族, Blackrock Warlocks 已故 Unknown
中立  Maim Commander of the Horde of Agony Magtheridon's Forces, 燃烧军团 已故 Unknown
中立  Mizgill Defender of a dimensional gateway Magtheridon's Forces, 燃烧军团 已故 Unknown
中立  Nera'thor Commander of the Legion of Torment Magtheridon's Forces, 燃烧军团 已故 Unknown
中立  Rend Commander of the Horde of Pain Magtheridon's Forces, 燃烧军团 已故 Unknown
中立  Sagra'nel Commander of the Legion of Anguish Magtheridon's Forces, 燃烧军团 已故 Unknown
中立  Slave Master Collector of Blackrock sacrifices 黑石氏族, 燃烧军团 已故 Unknown
TBC Outland
Name Role Affiliation Status Location
中立  Kargath Bladefist 大酋长 of the Fel Horde, Chieftain of the Shattered Hand clan Fel Horde, Shattered Hand clan, Illidari 已故-可击杀 Hall of Blades, Shattered Halls
首领  Blood Guard Porung Minion of Kargath Fel Horde, Illidari 可击杀 Gauntlet of Flame, Shattered Halls
首领  Grand Warlock Nethekurse Torturer Fel Horde, Illidari 可击杀 Throne of the Damned, Shattered Halls
交战  Grillok "Darkeye" Dark shaman of the Bleeding Hollow clan Fel Horde, Bleeding Hollow clan, Illidari 可击杀 Zeth'Gor, Hellfire Peninsula
首领  Gurtogg Bloodboil Servant of Illidan Illidari 可击杀 Halls of Anguish, Black Temple
首领  Keli'dan the Breaker Jailor of 玛瑟里顿 Fel Horde, Illidari 可击杀 Blood Furnace
中立  Krun Spinebreaker Assassin, murderer of Vindicator Sedai Fel Horde 已故 South of Mag'har Post, Hellfire Peninsula
中立  Rahjak Blademaster, hired by 扎哈拉·夜哭 to find the Pearl of Pandaria 扎哈拉·夜哭 已故 Unknown
交战  Tagar Spinebreaker Chieftain of the 噬骨氏族 噬骨氏族, Fel Horde, Illidari 可击杀 Path of Glory, Hellfire Peninsula
首领  Vazruden Guard of the supply line between 地狱火堡垒(平行世界) and the Black Temple Fel Horde, Illidari 可击杀 Hellfire Ramparts
交战  Warchief Mor'ghor Former overseer of the Dragonmaw forces on Netherwing Ledge, former 大酋长 of the Dragonmaw clan 龙喉氏族 已故-可击杀 Various Locations
交战  Warlord Morkh Commander of Zeth'Gor Fel Horde, Bleeding Hollow clan, Illidari 可击杀 Zeth'Gor, Hellfire Peninsula
首领  Watchkeeper Gargolmar Defender of Hellfire Ramparts Fel Horde, Illidari 可击杀 Hellfire Ramparts
WoD Alternate Draenor
Name Role Affiliation Status Location
中立  Kilrogg Deadeye Warlord of the Bleeding Hollow Iron Horde, Bleeding Hollow clan, 燃烧军团 已故-可击杀 Various Locations
首领 18px Blademaster Jubei'thos Member of the Hellfire High Council Iron Horde, Burning Blade clan, 燃烧军团 可击杀 Court of Blood, Hellfire Citadel
首领 18px Dia Darkwhisper Member of the Hellfire High Council Iron Horde, 燃烧军团 可击杀 Court of Blood, Hellfire Citadel
交战 18px Grand Warlock Nethekurse Overseer of the fel conversion pits at the Fel Forge Iron Horde, 燃烧军团 可击杀 Fel Forge, Tanaan Jungle
首领 18px Gurtogg Bloodboil Member of the Hellfire High Council Iron Horde, Bleeding Hollow clan, 燃烧军团 可击杀 Court of Blood, Hellfire Citadel
交战 18px Magril the Seer Shadow Council warlock Shadow Council, 燃烧军团 可击杀 Dark Portal, Tanaan Jungle
首领 18px Siegemaster Mar'tak Commander of the Hellfire Assault Iron Horde 可击杀 The Iron Bulwark, Hellfire Citadel


Here follows a list of known clans that, at least parts of which, have allied with the Fel Horde:


  • Among the fel orcs in 外域, only males are seen. An unfinished female fel orc model exists in the game files. Both males and females are found amongst the Iron Horde fel orcs.
  • Many Outland fel orcs actually just use the model of a normal male orc with red skin (see chaos orc). It seems to be related to the apparent fact that the fel orc model cannot display most helmets.
  • Rokgah Bloodgrip and Gor'drek incorrectly describe the fel orcs as the orcs transformed by Mannoroth's blood.