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The priests of Elune are the order of night elf clergy. They have existed long before the Great Sundering, and formal worship dates back about 14,000 years if not more. The Sisterhood of Elune are the elite of the priesthood that serves the goddess of the moon, Elune.[1][2]


All priests who served Elune were night elf women. However, after the devastation of the Third War, they thought that the organization had drifted too far away from night elf society and decided to open up their group more to the world. As a result, although a majority of Elune's priests are still women, the order now welcomes men into its ranks. Since the night elves emerged from their societal isolation, the priests of Elune have also extended membership to a few priests, male and female, of other races.[1]

Elune expected dedication from her priests, but she did not demand that they give her every waking moment — the Mother Moon was a kind, loving mistress. One of these dedications was called the Ritual of the High Moon.[3]

The center of her worship is now the Temple of the Moon in Darnassus. Tyrande Whisperwind is her high priestess, but many priests, are found throughout the world, ready to heal the war-weary Azeroth with her light.