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Lorna Crowley
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头衔 指挥官
性别 女性
种族 人类(人型生物)
身份 吉尔尼斯解放阵线指挥官
所在地 不定
状态 存活
对玩家 联盟 部落
阵营 联盟
势力 吉尔尼斯, 吉尔尼斯解放阵线, 吉尔尼斯旅
亲属 达利乌斯·克罗雷 (父)
同伴 多诺万 (坐骑)

罗娜·克罗雷Lorna Crowley达利乌斯·克罗雷领主之女,吉尔尼斯内战期间的叛军主要领袖之一



WoW-comic-logo-16x68.png 本段文字所记述的内容来自魔兽世界系列漫画
大地的裂变 本段文字所记述的内容来自魔兽世界:大地的裂变
逃亡 途中的罗娜

The day of the worgen attacked Gilneas City, Lorna saved a worgen adventurer by shooting Josiah Avery. The two of them worked together to get the Northgate rebels hidden arsenal for Greymane's army.

Shortly after, she met with King Genn and Prince Liam after her father chose to stay behind in the Light's Dawn Cathedral and make a last stand against the worgen. She had received word her father was free, but Liam told her about the choice Darius made. Lorna pulled out her gun and took aim at Genn, cursing at him and believing this was his idea of revenge after the Northgate Rebellion. Liam restrained her, and a hysterical Lorna demanded she be let go to die with her father before she began to cry in Liam's arms. Afterward she returned to the Crowley Orchard and lived as a hermit. Before being evacuated, she and the worgen adventurer worked together to rescue some horses. She then moved to the Greymane Manor and from there she took a carriage with Gwen Armstead to Stormglen where she found a diary of Bradshaw and learned that the man ventured into Blackwald. She sent him there only to find the night elf Belysra Starbreeze along with other worgen. Darius was revealed to have had survived and became a worgen. He was worried how will Lorna respond to him, but she was fine with it.

She was then sent to Livery Outpost to rescue the villagers from northern Gilneas and free Emberstone Village. Lorna then aids the Worgen adventurers in retaking Gilneas City after the first assault of the Forsaken. After the death of Liam, she learned that the Forsaken are going to use the plague on the city. She was present at Liam's funeral in Aderic's Repose. After this she moved to Keel Harbor and gets explosives on an Orc Gunship and use it as a ram to destroy the Forsaken forward camp next to the Greymane Wall.


Following the Invasion of Gilneas, Lorna joins her father as commander of the Gilneas Liberation Front and fought with the Alliance to retake Gilneas from the Forsaken. She attacked the Forsaken Forward Command as she used Forsaken Communication Device to declare that the Alliance once again controls Gilneas and their forces will soon arrive and kill those that don't surrender.[1] While stationed in Silverpine Forest she is captured by the now-Forsaken Lord Godfrey. Lorna serves as the bargaining chip in the surrender of the Gilneas Liberation Front as Sylvanas gave Darius two choices; the surrender of the Gilneas Liberation Front or have Lorna turned into a member of the Forsaken. Darius, unwilling to allow such a fate to befall his daughter, agrees to the surrender, and Sylvanas allows them to flee towards the still contested territory of Gilneas.[2]


军团再临 本段文字所记述的内容来自魔兽世界:军团再临

Following the Battle for the Broken Shore, Lorna and her father Darius joined Genn Greymane on the Skyfire. Lorna and Princess Tess escorted the adventurer to the Stormwind Keep, conversing on the way. When flying to Stormwind Keep, Princess Tess Greymane confided to Lorna her concern about the lust for vengeance consuming her father. Lorna states that all Gilneans suffer from that rage, her father more than most. Though Tess concurs with Lorna, she fears more deaths are sure to come. Lorna grimly replies that such is the cost of vengeance and that Gilneas has waited for it long enough. When arriving at Stormwind Keep, Tess tells the adventurer to give King Anduin their condolences for the death of his father. The two quickly return to the gunship once the player lands, as they are needed back at the ship.[3]

The Gilneas Brigade led by Lorna and her father Darius established Greywatch to secure Stormheim from threats.

During the Skyfire's assault on Sylvanas Windrunner's fleet, Lorna led the Alliance boarding party in scouring Windrunner's ships in their search for the Banshee Queen. After discovering that Sylvanas traveled to Stormheim ahead of the fleet and that the Horde was planning on infiltrating the Skyfire, Lorna and her soldiers went back to the Skyfire to defend the ship. Unfortunately, the Horde succeded in setting fire to the Skyfire's ammunition and its explosions caused the Skyfire to crash and burn on Stormheim. Though the crew of the Skyfire was able to evacuate before the crash, the gunship was utterly destroyed.

Lorna regrouped with her Gilneas Brigade compatriots and acted as leader of Greymane's scouts in Lorna's Watch. Lorna and her Gilneas Brigade scouts would aid Greymane's mercenaries in undergoing the various ancient trials necessary to obtain the Aegis of Aggramar. Following a lead on Sylvanas, Lorna would scout Skold-Ashil on Greymane's orders to uncover what Sylvanas seeks there. Lorna discovers that Sylvanas means to undergo the rituals of ascension to be granted an audience with Eyir so that she could subjugate her and create more val'kyr. Lorna sends news of her findings to Genn so that he could confront Sylvanas personally and undermine her plot. Greymane succeeded in freeing Eyir and Lorna recovers a poisoned Genn and treats him back at Greywatch.


位置 等级 生命值
Gilneas City 3 142
Gilneas City 5 204
Gilneas City 10 1,584
Gilneas City 12 2,470
Silverpine Forest 20 11,616








  • 快点!
  • 什么事?
  • 这只猎犬能帮你找到那些隐藏的狼人
  • 父亲!
  • The villagers were thankful to have Emberstone back. They brought us a little something to help against the Forsaken.
  • There's no way in hell I'm staying out of this fight! Let's Go!
  • 你是人民真正的英雄,利亚姆,不像其他的的贵族,我们将让他们付出代价。
  • Hold your positions. We'll make our move soon...
  • Attack!
  • 确保椽子的安全!
  • 让两个狙击手待在后面,掩护甲板。其他人,顺着绳子下去。让他们下地狱去吧!
  • 举起手来,绿皮人!乖乖照着指示做。你要是玩什么花样,就让你尝尝子弹的味道。
  • 剩下的人,跟我下去!
  • 我们在锅炉室里放了炸弹,现在先挡下他们!
  • 那个兽人……可真大。
  • 它要爆炸了!快跳上飞龙!
Quest:On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Commander Lorna Crowley说: So the Banshee Queen has sent assassins?
Commander Lorna Crowley说: You would betray your kingdom out of spite?
Lord Godfrey说: My kingdom? My king is no more.
Lord Godfrey说: Your father and Greymane saw to that...No, Gilneas died when they allowed murderous beasts to reign free. Unchecked.
Lord Godfrey说: Now lay down your arms and surrender. We are not here to kill you. Not yet.
Commander Lorna Crowley说: HAH! You'll have to kill me! DIE!
After Lorna is subdued by Lord Godfrey, his goons, and the Horde player...
Lord Godfrey说: Quickly! We must head back to the Forsken Front before we are discovered!

Lock The Doors

Dear Margaret,

I heeded your advice from last week to board up my windows and buy a reinforced door. None too soon, either: the Starlight Slasher struck a household not two blocks from my own last night. I inquired with the authorities at the scene about what they're doing to reign in the murder spree, but they didn't even grant me a second glance, waving me off with the usual "Stay off the streets and lock your door!" I know most of them don't trust me, but they're not proving to be trustworthy themselves, either.

Well, I'm not one to sit around, waiting to get dragged off in the middle of the night! I've started training the mastiff pups I bought from Rupert on a lark last month to track a scent, and they've taken to it quite well. They'll make fine hunting and guard dogs soon, so I'll be happy to pass on off to you once they're able to track a scent decently: they're right pleasant company, it'll help your young ones sleep better. That's at least a month off, though, so just consider the offer for now.

Which brings me to the reason for this letter: the attached package is a blunderbuss, so be sure to unwrap it at home and keep it somewhere hidden, but accessible. I threw some spare powder and buckshot in there too - no, no need to thank me. You helped my father when he was in a rough spot, and Crowleys never forget kindness freely given. Take the gun and keep safe. I fear things are going to get worse before they get better.

Sincerely, Lorna Crowley



  • Despite being from Gilneas and involved with the Gilneas Liberation Front, Lorna shows no signs of being afflicted by the worgen curse. Indeed, during their confrontation in Quest:Cities in Dust, Sylvanas specifically points this out to Darius, asking him why he did not offer his blood to her to make her a worgen (and thus immune to val'kyr resurrection) if he truly cared for her. It is likely because he did not want his daughter to be afflicted with the Curse of the Worgen, as he is.
  • According to Astrid Langstrump when spoken to without being exalted with Gilneas, Lorna continues to breed and supply her people with Mountain Horse steeds, and would be upset should Astrid to sell it to anyone not exalted with their people. Given Lorna's current location in Gilneas, it would explain why Astrid is taking care of distribution of the horses in her stead.
  • During the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm beta she was watched over by a Son of Goldrinn while staying at the Crowley Orchard.



Lorna could be related to other people called Crowley besides her father Darius.