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Bloodmyst Isle


统治者 联盟 IconSmall Velen.gif Prophet Velen
次级村落 联盟 Blood Watch
阵营 Exodar
地理位置 Azuremyst Isles, west of Darkshore

Blood Watch.

Bloodmyst Isle, once named Silvergale by the draenei before sickness spread across the land,[1] is the second of the two major isles of the Azuremyst Isles. North of the main island, Azuremyst Isle, Bloodmyst is often the next step in the journey for ambitious young draenei.

Bloodmyst Isle has been ravaged by radiation from the crashed draenei ship, the Exodar. Red crystals dot the land, and the eerie red mist for which the isle was renamed covers everything. Even the great pine trees which cover the island have taken on a crimson tinge. The creatures of the isle have mutated, in some cases becoming hostile. The draenei, hoping to find a way to restore the island, have set up an outpost known as Blood Watch near the center of the island.

Several giant creatures can be found on Bloodmyst Isle. The northwest of Bloodmyst Isle is home to a huge spider called Zarakh, its spawn grown to unnatural sizes due to contamination by the spaceship debris. Near the Vector Coil, Blood Elves have set up camp to control its energies and use it to empower their secret leader. Heroes of the draenei are called upon to bring her down. A smaller island off the coast to the northeast, called Wyrmscar Island, is now home to the ghost of a dragon called Razormaw.


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The sun setting over the Veiled Sea from Bloodmyst Isle

Bloodmyst Isle has little historical information related to it. Originally known as Silvergale when the draenei first landed, it was once as beautiful as nearby Azuremyst Isle. The island was corrupted by blood red crystals from the draenei's dimensional ship, the Exodar. Blood-like liquid seeps from many of the crystals into the ground. The corruption from the liquid caused creatures and plants to become irradiated. The air was polluted with red-tinted mist from the red liquid. Due to the corruption the island was renamed "Bloodmyst". The island has for a long time lain out of view from central Kalimdor, and has largely been left to itself by the neighboring tauren and night elves. It is likely that this is why many enemies of the night elves, such as satyrs and naga, have found a haven here. When the Exodar crashed on Azuremyst Isle, several large pieces of the dimensional ship fell on Bloodmyst. These pieces are now used both by the draenei and by other creatures as a form of shelter.

Getting there

Bloodmyst Isle is only accessible from Azuremyst Isle, which can only be reached by boat from Rut'theran Village in Teldrassil. Since Cataclysm, there is also a flight path that connects the village to Azure Watch on Azuremist Isle, which in turn is connected to Blood Watch.

The dock in Rut'theran connects to Darnassus via a portal, Lor'danel in Darkshore by flight path and Stormwind City and Azuremyst Isle by sea.

Members of the Horde who want to visit Bloodmyst Isle must first hijack a boat from the Alliance-aligned Rut'theran, sail to Azuremyst Isle, then head north to Bloodmyst Isle. Be wary: it is not possible to use flying mounts on both Azuremyst and Bloodmyst islands and you will have to make your way through enemy territories on the ground. However, if your level is high enough to use a flying mount, you probably will not experience any difficulties with enemy NPCs; and the zone is extremely rarely visited by Alliance players above level 20.


Bloodmyst Isle lies off the west coast of northern Kalimdor. The island is divided into two sections by a narrow strip of water. The smaller section, which is connected by bridge to Azuremyst Isle, is yet untainted by the red mist which covers the main part of the island.

There are no instanced dungeons or battlegrounds on Bloodmyst Isle. The micro dungeon, The Vector Coil, can be found here. Blood Watch serves as the zone's travel hub, connecting it to Azuremyst Isle.

Maps and subregions

Map of Bloodmyst Isle

Elite areas

The Vector Coil

Travel hubs

The only travel hub on Bloodmyst Isle is Alliance aligned Blood Watch. The draenei outpost serves as a communication and transportation connection to the Exodar on Azuremyst Isle.

联盟 Flight paths from Blood Watch

Adjacent regions

Zone Name Faction Level Range Direction Access
Azuremyst Isle 联盟 1-12 South By swimming, foot, and flight path from Blood Watch

Notable characters

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文件:Ruins of Loreth'Aran.jpg
Ruins of Loreth'Aran

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Wild creatures



Bloodmyst Isle
Azuremyst Isle


  • Bloodmyst Isle has at least a couple references to Star Wars. The flight master at Blood Watch is named Laando and there is a quest called The Kessel Run. It may be an homage zone to the films, much like Un'Goro Crater is an homage to classic Nintendo.
  • The crystal contamination could be a reference to Tiberium from the Command and Conquer series where it causes similar problems to the Exodar crystals (infested or consumed flora and fauna, mutations with crystal characteristics).


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