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Azuremyst Isle art.jpg
首府 联盟 埃索达
种族 德莱尼男性德莱尼女性德莱尼
政权 神权政体
统治者 联盟  维纶

联盟 碧蓝岗哨
联盟 奥德修斯营地

中立 止松要塞
阵营 联盟, 埃索达
地理位置 秘蓝群岛黑海岸以西


秘蓝岛Azuremyst Isle是构成秘蓝群岛的两座主要岛屿中,受水晶碎片污染影响较小的一座岛屿。在长久以来的与世隔绝后,德莱尼人的空间飞船坠落之后这片地区迎来了许多变故。能量充沛而不稳定的水晶裂片遍布全岛,而能量风暴割据着天空。德莱尼人的主城——埃索达,建立在秘蓝岛西部坠毁的飞船四周。


作为起始区域之一的秘蓝岛是最少出现PVP事件的地区(与泰达希尔类似)。 因为部落玩家去往这里的唯一办法就是从泰达希尔的鲁瑟兰村坐船。所以一些爱好PVP的德莱尼玩家前往人类矮人的起始区域。


Very little history is known of Azuremyst Isle and the surrounding islands. Not visited often by the night elves and tauren of Kalimdor due to their out-of-the-way location, the isles' indigenous creatures have been left to their own devices over the centuries. This is also the reason why the other races have not yet noticed the crashed dimensional ship that lies scattered across the islands, now used by the surviving draenei as a set of bases and outposts.

Some civilization did exist on the island before the draenei arrived. On the southern Silvermyst Isle, a dock and house of night elf architecture marks the dwelling of a family of night elves who made their home here. In addition, a clan of furbolgs live in the central island. Due to being so far removed from their cousins in Kalimdor, these furbolgs have remained uncorrupted, though they have recently been driven out of their ancestral holdings.

Additionally, ancient night elven ruins predating the Sundering are found scattered about both Azuremyst and Bloodmyst, all of them now inhabited by vile naga. The night elves have mostly abandoned these islands in favor of mainland Kalimdor.

After the Cataclysm, rumors had spread that the draenei withstood the breaking of the world, and that refuge could be found on Azuremyst Isle. Human refugees arrived in lost humility at first, in ones and twos, by leaky boat and makeshift raft, risking the unknown to flee the horribly known. In the beginning, the draenei had aided as they could, giving the refugees a place outside the Exodar, healing them, and sharing food and water. But then the outcasts had begun sending out word to find their friends and families, and the call echoed throughout Kalimdor: "The Prophet holds Azuremyst safe. The Prophet foresaw the Cataclysm and will make everything right." and the refugee camp quickly grew and boasted a thousand exiles. When the draenei tested the nearly repaired Exodar, the refugees thought the draenei were going to leave Azeroth, and started rioting. The riots escalated and both human and draenei were wounded in the conflict. The riots were stopped when High Prophet Velen spoke collectively to both sites, and not long after the refugees started returning to their former homes, to help rebuilt the world after the Cataclysm.[1]


Arcane storms strike this peaceful area outside the coast of Kalimdor. Evergreens and purple flowers cover the land. The island itself is divided into two parts by a river running north-south, the eastern and slightly smaller region dubbed Ammen Vale, as it is sheltered by hills on all sides. To the south lies Silvermyst Isle, close enough to reach by swimming without difficulty, and small enough to be considered part of the main island.

Azuremyst Isle contains no dungeons, raid dungeons, micro dungeons, or battlegrounds. It is the starting area for the draenei and contains a 1-5 leveling area, Ammen Vale. The draenei city, the Exodar, can also be found in this zone with a flight path to Bloodmyst Isle. The mainland is accessible by boat from Valaar's Berth or by flight path from the Exodar, both going to Rut'theran Village.

Thunderstorms, foggy nights are common in the area.[2][3]


Concept art of Ammen Vale.
Concept Art by Peter Lee.

Travel hubs

联盟 Flight paths from Azure Watch

联盟 Flight paths from The Exodar

联盟 Boat destinations from Valaar's Berth

部落 Horde

As a Horde character you would have to fly to Teldrassil. From there you can take the boat from Rut'theran Village.

Regions adjacent to Azuremyst Isle

Zone Name Faction Level Range Direction Access
Teldrassil 联盟 1-10 East By boat from Valaar's Berth or flight path from the Exodar.
Bloodmyst Isle 联盟 10-20 North By swimming, walking and flight path from the Exodar.

Notable NPCs

文件:Azure Watch.jpg
Azure Watch, a small settlement nearby the Exodar
详见:Azuremyst Isle NPCs

Azuremyst Isle is the new home of several notable people; not all of them draenei. At the Crash Site in Ammen Vale, Vindicator Aldar and Technician Zhanaa work tirelessly to keep in contact with other draenei scattered across the island. At Azure Watch, Exarch Menelaous watches over the people of the village. Admiral Odesyus, recently forced to land on the southern coast of the island, does his best to root out the traitors in his crew and help his new-found allies, the draenei. And High Chief Stillpine seeks aid from the newly arrived draenei to take back Stillpine Hold.


详见:Azuremyst Isle quests

参见:Azuremyst Isle questing guide 参见:Azuremyst Isle storyline The quests of Azuremyst Isle range from the early level 1-5 quests of Ammen Vale to the level 5-10 quests of the main isle. Quests of note include the 模板:Questchain quest chain, in which draenei learn the language of the furbolgs; a quest chain involving Admiral Odesyus as he hunts down the traitor in his crew; and quests given by the furbolgs of Stillpine Hold.

Many of the 1-5 quests are draenei-only, but the 6+ quests are available to any race.


Map of Azuremyst Isle in a TBC preview.

Wild creatures



Bloodmyst Isle Teldrassil
Azuremyst Isle


  • Foggy nights[3] and thunderstorms[2] are both common in Azuremyst Isle.
  • Azuremyst Isle, like the nearby Bloodmyst Isle (and like Quel'Thalas), is implemented as a part of the Outland map, not part of Azeroth proper. This decision was made during the development of The Burning Crusade when it was still a separately sold expansion, to prevent players without the expansion from getting there. This is why it resides behind a loading screen. Players trying to get to Azuremyst Isle from mainland Azeroth by flying or swimming across the water, rather than by boat or flight path, will hit an invisible wall.

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