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首脑 IconSmall JungleTroll Male.gif Jor'kil
种族构成 丛林巨魔女性丛林巨魔女性丛林巨魔
职业 Shaman, Priest, Hunter
主城 Shatterspear Vale
势力范围 Darkshore
主要语言 Zandali
其他语言 Common, Orcish
所属阵营 Horde
  前 Gurubashi Empire
状态 Disbanded

The Shatterspear tribe was a tribe of Jungle trolls that was located in Darkshore until its decimation by the Alliance as a result of their recent allegiance with the Horde. At some point after the assault of Shatterspear Vale the remaining Shatterspear disbanded their tribe.[1]


The Shatterspear tribe split off from the Gurubashi Empire after the defeat of Hakkar the Soulflayer. The various tribes claimed territories in the vast jungles of Stranglethorn Vale but quickly began fighting one another.

The Shatterspear tribe eventually settled at the northeast edge of Darkshore. Highly reclusive and apparently uninterested in claiming further territory, the Shatterspear trolls established a small village in Shatterspear Vale, which is almost entirely surrounded by jagged hills. The trolls' purpose in living in the vale is unknown at this point in time. It is a strange location for any troll to choose to live: surrounded by mountains and, beyond that, night elves (the trolls' ancient enemies).[2]

The night elves knew that the Shatterspear lived in their territory, but as long as the trolls were not hostile, they were apparently quite content to leave them and Shatterspear Vale in peace.[3]

Visiting the secluded village used to be a difficult endeavor, and a number of adventurers fell to their deaths in attempts to scale the steep hills around the Shatterspears' home. After the Shattering, the Shatterspear village became accessible through a tunnel, Shatterspear Pass, from the Ruins of Mathystra.

It is revealed during the questing experience in Darkshore that Garrosh Hellscream has recruited the Shatterspear tribe into the Horde. It is also revealed that the Horde plans for the Shatterspear Tribe to attack the Night elves from the north, while the armies of Orgrimmar will push from Ashenvale. [4] The Shatterspear tribe established the Shatterspear War Camp near the Ruins of Mathystra, invaded the ruins with laborers, and destroyed the Tower of Althalaxx in order to gain a foothold in the attack against the Night elves.

The tribe comes into conflict with the Night elven forces during the Darkshore questing experience, with the fight eventually coming to Shatterspear Vale itself. The Night elves are intent in destroying all the Shatterspear trolls before they can become a bigger problem.


Cataclysm 本段文字所记述的内容来自魔兽世界:大地的裂变

The death of their chieftain was the final chapter in Shatterspear tribal history. As their former leader fell to the might of the Alliance heroes, the remnants of the tribe escaped retribution and went their separate ways. Some of these refugees found shelter within the Horde, while others joined various organizations.[5]





The named denizens of Shatterspear Vale, pre-Cataclysm.