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Reputation Factions in World of Warcraft
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Led by the intrepid Ji Firepaw, the Huojin Pandaren are quick to act and quicker to fight for what they believe in.
Huojin Pandaren
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首脑 IconSmall Ji.gif Ji Firepaw
种族构成 熊猫人男性熊猫人女性熊猫人
主城 Wandering Isle
根据地 Orgrimmar
势力范围 Kalimdor and Pandaria
主要语言 Pandaren
军需官 Disciple Jusi
奖励 Huojin Tabard
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战袍 Tabard huojin.JPG

火金派熊猫人Huojin Pandaren is the pandaren reputation faction of the Horde.

These pandaren follow the path of the Huojin, a philosophy among the pandaren that inaction is the greatest injustice, and that there is no shame in defending one's homes and loved ones regardless of cost. Those pandaren who follow the path of Huojin are allies of the Horde, and are represented and led by the intrepid 部落 Ji Firepaw, a staunch adherent of this philosophy.[1]

The Huojin pandaren are quick to act and quicker to fight for what they believe in. Impulsive and practical, they feel that the ends can justify the means.[1]


Ji Firepaw, a follower of the more direct Huojin philosophy, is adamant that inaction is the greatest injustice. Ji holds that it is honorable to defend home and family no matter the price. Outgoing, passionate, and not one for deep thought, he is always the first into the fray. Ji finds himself attracted to the scrappy practicality that defines the Horde, and although it costs him dearly, Ji has decided to carry the banner of the Horde upon leaving the Wandering Isle.

After the defeat of Garrosh Hellscream, Ji continues to lead the Huojin Pandaren and is their liaison during the trial of Garrosh Hellscream.

The Huojin philosophy

Path of the Huojin

"Always challenge. Always question. In the pursuit of a greater good, inaction is the only wrong."
- Master Zurong
The Path of the Huojin is marked by practical and decisive action. Followers of this discipline believe that morals and ideals are not absolute, but change with circumstances. As such, a Huojin Master must remain flexible in his or her thinking, always evaluating the greater good.


Huojin (火金, Huǒjīn) is Chinese for "fire and metal."


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