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类型 Small town
人口 1,500
领导人 IconSmall Human Male.gif Magistrate Solomon
统治者 Elected Magistrate
种族 暴风城人类男性暴风城人类女性人类
语言 Common
从属 Alliance
位置 Western Redridge Mountains
The Lakeshire bridge.
The Lakeshire bridge being repaired.
文件:Lakeshire bridge.jpg
The Lakeshire bridge.

湖畔镇Lakeshire, aka Township of Lakeshire, is an ancient[请求来源] human town that sits on the banks of the majestic and large Lake Everstill - from which the town derives its name. It's located in Redridge Mountains, and has 1,500 citizens — mostly farmers, poachers, and travellers — that reside there under the watchful and often worried eye of elected Magistrate Solomon. The town is a considered a serene and quiet place. Even with the occasional incursions by the orcs, it is a prime example of how peaceful this area was before the coming of the Horde and the Great Wars.[请求来源]

Redridge is classified as a Contested zone, but contains no Horde flight point or quests. However, it is a very short ride away from the Burning Steppes, a high-level zone, and thus many Horde players choose to engage in raids there. Recently, after many years, the bridge to Lakeshire was finally repaired.


Like Westfall and Duskwood, Redridge Mountains is also under the theoretical protection of the Stormwind army and, like them, has been left mostly to its own devices. However, there is a small guard platoon situated there and the area is still relatively quiet. The nearby Stonewatch Keep has been overrun by orcs, that sometimes stage small raids into Lakeshire, and had allied with Morganth who eventually betrayed them.

The village was under constant attacks of the Blackrock orcs, and Shadowhide gnolls and lacked a proper defence.[1]


The area to the north of Lakeshire Bridge is currently populated by Bridge Workers Alex, Trent, Matthew, Jess, Dmitri and Daniel. They are attempting to push a large boulder blocking the road, with Foreman Oslow crushed underneath. Following the quest He Who Controls the Ettins, which starts from a drop from the local gnolls, the player controls an ettin and moves the boulder as the workers cower in fear. Both the boulder and the workers will disappear following completion of this quest, and Foreman Oslow will take his new position on the dock. Note that this is actually an optional side chain to the quest Canyon Romp and it is entirely possible for the player to complete both the storyline and the achievement Redridge Mountains Quests without doing it.

Another minor bit of phasing takes place after accepting the quest It's Never Over. The water to the east of Lakeshire Bridge will have a riverboat during this quest, with John J. Keeshan and the members of Bravo Company on it. There is also some phasing within the Lakeshire Inn and Lakeshire Town Hall involving Keeshan's storyline.

Travel connections


联盟 Stormwind City
联盟 Darkshire
联盟 Sentinel Hill
联盟 Morgan's Vigil

Lakeshire NPCs






  • Lakeshire has its own Court and Law of Lakeshire - aiding a criminal of the Kingdom is punishable by death.[2]



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