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如果你要找的是the post-Cataclysm instance and associated lore,请访问Deadmines
The Deadmines
The Deadmines loading screen.jpg
The Deadmines loading graphic
位置 月溪镇, 西部荒野


最终首领 IconSmall EdwinVanCleef.gifEdwin VanCleef
副本类型 Dungeon
推荐等级 15-23
最低等级 10
人数限制 5 (10)

死亡矿井Deadmines是一片地下区域,是西部荒野荆棘谷西北部的地下挖掘出来的一条隧道。这里是一个低等级联盟副本迪菲亚兄弟会的聚集地。它的入口位于西部荒野西南的月溪镇,而出口则在Dagger Hills西边临海处。死亡矿井是迪菲亚的老巢,领导人是野心勃勃的埃德温·范克里夫。范克里夫在地精的帮助下建造了无畏舰。许多任务都可以在死亡矿井附近接到。.



Map and subregions
Defias Hideout · 船桅室 · 地精锻造厂 · 铁甲湾
0. Entrance
  1. 交战 Marisa du'Paige
  2. 交战 Brainwashed Noble
  3. 交战 Foreman Thistlenettle
  4. 交战 副本传送门
  5. 交战 拉克佐
  6. 交战 矿工约翰逊
  7. 交战 斯尼德 & 交战 斯尼德的伐木机
  8. 交战 Gilnid
  9. 交战 Defias Gunpowder
  10. 交战 重拳先生
  11. 交战 曲奇
  12. 交战 绿皮船长
  13. 交战 埃德温·范克里夫
  14. 出口


The tunnels leading to the instance portal first contain the level 15-16 Defias Digger, Defias Henchman, and Defias Conjurer mobs. Close to the instance portal, it will then have the level 16-17 Defias Worker, Defias Watchman, and Defias Magician mobs. The undead portion of the Deadmines has the level 17-18 Skeletal Miner, Undead Dynamiter, and Undead Excavator mobs. Three mini-bosses, Marisa du'Paige, Brainwashed Noble, and Foreman Thistlenettle, exist outside of the instance. Inside the instance, it is full of level 17-18 Defias Miners. It also has two kinds of level 17-18 Elites: Defias Overseer and Defias Evoker.

The first boss you encounter is the ogre Rhahk'Zor. He is a level-20 Elite, hits quite hard, and has high amounts of armor. He has two Defias Watchmen in his room.

The instance is populated with non-Elite Defias Strip Miners, and level-18 or -19 Elites.

After fighting Rhahk'Zor, you will fight more Defias Miners, Defias Overseers, and Defias Evokers. You will then enter the Mast Room where goblin carvers are working on a mast for the dreadnaught. Sneed and his Shredder are the bosses here. He is level-20 elite. Sneed's Shredder is immune to burn, bleed, and concussion effects. After destroying his Shreeder, Sneed himself will jump out and attack you.

Immediately after Sneed's Shredder, you will then fight level 18-19 Defias Strip Miners. It also has two kinds of level 18-19 Elites: Defias Taskmaster and Defias Wizard. You will then enter the Goblin Foundry, where the goblins are busy creating anchors and cannonballs for the Defias Dreadnaught. The Goblin Craftsman can be found there, along with the Goblin Engineer that can summon a Remote-Controlled Golem, which will fight alongside them. Gilnid is the boss here. He comes with 3 adds. Killing him opens the door to the next area.

You will fight more Defias Strip Miners, Defias Taskmasters, and Defias Wizards, and eventually come to an alcove which contains Defias Gunpowder. This should be looted as it is required to open the door to the docks. A Rogue can also attempt to pick the lock on the door.

If the party elects to blast open the door, you will alert Mr. Smite, the tauren First Mate, who will send Defias Pirates to see what the disturbance was. If you pick the lock instead, you will not alert them.

Mr. Smite is the next boss. All adds should be cleared from the area (the ship ramp) before you engage him. There are two stealthed Elites (Defias Blackguards)) at the bottom of the ramp. These should be eliminated before taking Mr. Smite on. Mr. Smite will perform a Warstomp and stun the entire party at 75% and 50% health. This stun cannot be interrupted or avoided. A notable exception to this is if a Hunter has maxed out his Hawk Eye (hunter talent) talent, allowing him to snipe Mr. Smite at max range, allowing DPS to continue to do damage, and hopefully not pull aggro if the tank had built enough. Any adds still alive will continue to attack the party. Mr. Smite will run over to his chest, and take out a new, stronger weapon, and attack the party again.

The ship contains level-19 Elite Goblin Shipbuilders, Defias Pirates, and Defias Squallshapers. The boss at the top is Captain Greenskin, the ship's captain. He comes with two adds.

The final boss is Edwin VanCleef. He is a level-20 elite. He is hiding in the cabin on top of the ship. Attacking him will bring his two guards out as well. He can stun, and will summon more adds as his life gets low. The other boss is optional. After killing VanCleef, you can jump down the other side of the ship, and find more Defias. You will also find Cookie, a level-19 elite Murloc who is also the ship's cook. After leaving the ship, you can continue to go up the path into the tunnel, which leads to the instance exit.

Notable characters

Deadmines pre-Cataclysm bosses

The Deadmines are home to the notorious Defias Brotherhood, and several of its more important members are stationed here. 交战 Sneed and 交战 Sneed's Shredder operate the mast room, 交战 Gilnid the smelter presides over the goblin foundry, and 交战 Mr. Smite the first mate guards the ship. 交战 Captain Greenskin patrols the ship itself, where 交战 Edwin VanCleef himself rules from the ship's cabin.

Quest guide

联盟 Alliance quests
Quest name Quest giver Zone location
Quest:Red Silk Bandanas IconSmall Human Female.gif联盟 Scout Riell 哨兵岭, Westfall
Quest:Underground Assault IconSmall Gnome Female.gif联盟 Shoni the Shilent 矮人区, 暴风城
Quest:The Defias Brotherhood (7) IconSmall Human Male.gif联盟 Gryan Stoutmantle 哨兵岭, 西部荒野
中立 Class specific
Quest:The Test of Righteousness (2) IconSmall Human Male.gif联盟 Jordan Stilwell 铁炉堡大门, 铁炉堡
联盟 Alliance quests in the mines that are not part of the instance.
Quest:Collecting Memories IconSmall Dwarf Male.gif联盟 Wilder Thistlenettle 矮人区, 暴风城
Quest:Oh Brother. . . IconSmall Dwarf Male.gif联盟 Wilder Thistlenettle 矮人区, 暴风城


Dungeon denizens


Bosses Monsters



See The Deadmines loot (original).


文件:The Deadmines Exit.jpg
Exit from Deadmines instance.
The water gate, visible from the cove near Yojamba Isle in Stranglethorn Vale.
  • Also known as VC (named for its final boss, Edwin VanCleef) to avoid confusion with another instance (厄运之槌) that shares the more obvious initials. When in doubt about "which DM" is meant, check the level of the person asking for a group; a lower level character is most likely referring to this instance and is unaware of Dire Maul, or of the use of "VC" as an abbreviation.
  • The Deadmines Instance Guide gives a walk-through of the instance.
  • After defeating each of the first three bosses, 2-3 elite Defias mobs will wander and patrol that room and the mine around the boss room. Be careful when backtracking to a room, or running back after a death. These patrols can be evaded by hiding until they pass; the Shredder's ramp is one such hiding place (even though it does not look like you are hidden.)
  • Defias Strip Miners do not run in fear when their health falls too low as other typical humanoid mobs do.
  • The Deadmines has no herbs nor beast mobs to skin. There are mineral veins to mine.
  • In the Goblin Foundry section of the instance are lootable engineering boxes that yield minor engineering ingredient items.
  • This exit is just above the southwest limit of the Westfall coast. There are a few points of interest that can be reached relatively easily from this exit. If you go straight west, you bypass the Defias mobs (there are quite a few if you go north) and the coastal murlocs. You should see a dock.
    • The dock has a fish vendor, 联盟 Kriggon Talsone, who sells
    • 西部荒野灯塔 is just to the north, and you can pick up 中立 Captain Grayson's quests.
    • For Alliance players, this is where you start the swim to 藏宝海湾 if you want to get there at a low level.
      • Swim south, stay away from the coast.
      • Stay on the surface — although if you stay in fairly deep water, there aren't any mobs.
      • Stay out of the dark water, and if a fatigue bar procs, get into lighter colored water quickly.
      • Booty Bay is on the west side of the south point of 荆棘谷. You should see the goblin statue as you approach.
      • Swim in to the eastern-most part of the dock, and you will see a ramp extending into the water; use this to climb out.
      • Find the Alliance flight master on a high tier north of the inn. (South is the Horde flight master.)
  • If you travel to a small cove north of 尤亚姆巴岛 (in northwestern Stranglethorn Vale), you can see a large water gate which leads to the docks inside Deadmines. However, you cannot enter or leave through this. Interestingly, inside the Deadmines this gate exists to the North, but outside the gates exit to the South
    • Yojamba Isle is safe, the inhabitants are 中立, but if you are low level, you will not be able to do anything with them.
  • Very popular video which won the Rise to Power contest was based on The Deadmines and its bosses.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

模板:Cat-section In World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Deadmines will be completely revamped. With the Defias no longer an issue, a new boss and enemies will appear in this location. The dungeons level range will be slightly adjusted to 15-21 and also will gain a heroic mode for level 85 players.[1]

Previously during BlizzCon, it was stated that "Edwin was back, and he's VanCleef-ier than ever..." and that a heroic version of Deadmines would be added for high level players.

While the heroic mode is still happening, Edwin VanCleef will mostly likely not return, but probably will be replaced by his daughter instead. However, in the current build of beta, the heroic guild achievement for Deadmines requires you kill "Captain" Cookie. It appears as if after VanCleef's death, the murloc instituted a mutiny and took over.[2]

Patch changes

  • Cataclysm 补丁 4.0.3a (2010-11-23): Completely revamped, gained a heroic mode for level 85 players.
  • WoW Icon 16x16.png 补丁 1.5.0 (2005-06-07): New load screen added.
  • WoW Icon 16x16.png 补丁 1.3.0 (2005-03-07):
    • Capped at ten players.
    • The "cannon door" can now be opened with a Small Seaforium Charge in addition to the lockpick ability.
  • 补丁 0.6 (2004-04-13): The VanCleef encounter and Goblin Foundry in the Deadmines have been returned.