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Forest trolls
阵营 Horde, Zandalar tribe, Independent
角色职业 The RPG Icon 16x36.png Warrior, Hunter, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, Shadow hunter, Berserker, Witch doctor, Barbarian, Primal, Potion doc, Hexer, Healer, Wilderness stalker
种族主城 中立 Zul'Aman
部落 Revantusk Village
种族领袖 中立  Kazra'jin
部落  Elder Torntusk
坐骑 IconSmall Bear.gif Bear
IconSmall Raptor.png Raptor
IconSmall Dragonhawk.gif Dragonhawk
故乡 Azeroth
母语 Zandali, Common, Low Common
其他语言 Goblin, Orcish, Taur-ahe


早在人类帝国的兴衰之前,洛丹伦的阿曼尼巨魔已经建立了一个庞大的巨魔帝国。 经历了数个世纪的战争和仇恨,一支人类和精灵的联盟军队在奥特兰克山谷脚下给予了巨魔帝国毁灭性的打击。帝国无法从失败中恢复过来, 之后巨魔再也没能建立起一个国家。然而一些森林巨魔存活了下来,千年以来,巨魔世世代代传承着他们痛恨精灵族的基因。 在第二次战争中,阿曼尼巨魔短暂的加入了部落,并且森林巨魔祖尔金成为了巨魔历史中最响亮名字中的一员。[1]


Forest troll art from BC.
Forest troll in WC3.


森林巨魔是洛丹伦北部的原住民。在暗夜精灵崛起之前,巨魔们统治着幅员辽阔的阿曼尼帝国。 他们联合古拉巴什帝国一起对抗安其拉虫群, 最终,在巨魔们的共同努力下,安其拉虫群建立的亚基帝国分裂成了两半。有传言称,阿曼尼帝国的流浪者曾经来到了永恒之井演化成了第一个暗夜精灵, 尽管这并未被证实。

随着暗夜精灵的崛起,阿曼尼帝国被卡多雷精灵使用的原始魔法摧毁。 随着燃烧军团的到来,森林巨魔退入了荒野,并未加入与军团的冲突。


经历了天崩地裂卡利姆多大陆余波后,森林巨魔再一次把势力扩张到了新形成的洛丹伦大陆,并且 称呼他们新的国家为祖阿曼(Zul'Aman )。 可是随之而来的高等精灵却引发了一场持续千年的激烈战争。高等精灵把他们的新王国建立在一个古代巨魔的圣地之上,这件事导致了森林巨魔袭击了羽翼未丰的精灵王国,因为精灵玷污了巨魔的圣地。 这些顽强的精灵,在魔法的帮助下,把巨魔击退了,以至于在一段时间内,两个种族之间没有爆发冲突。[2]

After two thousand years had passed the Amani warbands struck out of Zul'Aman determined to destroy the high elves once and for all. They scored victory after victory against the elves, pushing them slowly back. The desperate elves forged an alliance with the human empire of Arathor, teaching a hundred humans the way of magic. The combined human and elf armies met the trolls at the base of the Alterac Mountains. For days the trolls assaulted the allies' lines until at the right moment, when the human and elven magi unleashed a fury of fiery magic onto the forest troll army. The searing flames stopped the troll's wounds from regenerating and then the human knights charged, slaughtering most of the troll army and driving them back into Zul'Aman. The trolls suffered a defeat from which they would never recover.[3]

The Second War

An elven ranger and a forest troll berserker.

At the time of the First War orcish warchief Blackhand sent Orgrim Doomhammer to invite the forest trolls to join the horde. The trolls declined, having little interest in anything beyond their own forests. However at the beginning of the Second War orc forces rescued the trolls leader, Zul'jin, from Alliance soldiers and in gratitude Zul'jin pledged the forest trolls to the now Warchief Doomhammer.[4] Zul'jin had done what no other forest troll had done since the Troll Wars: he united the numerous tribes of Zul'Aman under one banner and joined the Horde. He hoped that by joining the orcish invaders they could attempt to retake Quel'Thalas from the elves.[5]

The forest trolls contributed their axe throwers, berserkers, and destroyer ships to the forces of the Horde fighting with the Orcs throughout the Hinterlands and Quel'thalas, slaughtered thousands of humans and elves and rased to the ground all villages they found in their way. Orgrim Doomhammer and Zul'jin attacked the elf homeland and made it to Eversong Woods until Alliance reinforcments could arrive. Doomhammer however focused his strength on Lordaeron and did not destroy Quel'Thalas as Zul'jin wanted. When defeat for the orcs seemed inevitable, the trolls abandoned the Horde as suddenly as they joined.

Though it should be noted that in sources prior to the Tides of Darkness novel, such as Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal, the forest trolls stayed with the Horde and were brought to Draenor by Kilrogg Deadeye, joining the Horde of Draenor.


In the aftermath of the Second War, the forest trolls returned to the old ways of rivalry and fighting between the tribes. Two tribes, the Smolderthorn and Firetree joined Rend Blackhand's Dark Horde and have taken up residence in Blackrock Mountain. During the Third War the forest trolls stayed away from the main conflict however a fair percentage of forest trolls fell to the Lich King's powers. They have lost their will and are undead. The recent fall of Quel'Thalas and Lordaeron led to a unique opportunity to once again attempt to reclaim their ancestral lands, in the wake of the loss of the Sunwell several tribes attacked the weakened elves. Zul'jin also returned after years missing to lead the trolls against the elves and, much to his frustration his old allies - the Horde. The warlord was killed during the raid of adventurers seeking ancient treasures within the troll bastion, Zul'Aman. The Amani forces were scattered for a long time, until the Zandalari stared to send their emissaries to every troll tribe, with Amani being no exception. An individual that dubbed himself 'the Invincible', Daakara received the message and became the new warlord of the Amani. He quickly started to gather all remaining trolls of Zul'Aman in order to unite the tribe once more.

One tribe, the Revantusks who still felt some loyalty toward the Horde agreed to a pact of friendship and mutual assistance with the new Horde under Thrall, but declined to rejoin them as they also remembered the recklessness and corruption of the first Horde.[6]




就如同其他巨魔一样, 森林巨魔学习巫毒术(Voodoo magic)、萨满法术(shamanism)以及治疗术(priest magics)。 森林巨魔也信奉一名名叫乌拉泰克(Ula-tek)的毒蛇女神The RPG Icon 16x36.png。她似乎是洛阿神/荒野诸神之一。

一小撮森林巨魔也信奉哈卡神(Hakkar the Soulflayer), 尽管这个信仰从未像在丛林巨魔中那样占据主导地位。


森林巨魔邪恶且狡猾,他们吃人,他们食用敌人的肉,有时同类相食。森林巨魔没有什么盟友,他们讨厌兽人视其为软弱,兽人在帮助森林巨魔回归昔日辉煌上食言了。许多部落的森林巨魔也互相敌视。恶齿氏族(en:Revantusk)是唯一对部落部落友好。联盟和森林巨魔之间的关系并不清晰,as it has not been stated anywhere,但毫无疑问的是他们怨恨人类帮助高等精灵并且结束了巨魔和高等精灵之间的冲突。


森林巨魔与高等精灵互视为不共戴天之仇。 巨魔痛恨这些入侵了自己家园的巨魔并且差点使森林巨魔灭绝, 而精灵们把巨魔视作一群妄图摧毁精灵家园的野蛮人。 自从巨魔战争以来,高等精灵掌握了战争的主动权。可是,随着近期他们家园的毁灭,高等精灵如今非常脆弱,而巨魔们认为报仇的机会来了。


In-game forest troll model.

许多年以前由于发生了突变, 森林巨魔的身体在一定程度上能支持植物, 所以被认为有强烈的植物亲和力。 在他们出生后不久便会有一层薄青苔生长在皮肤上给他们带来绿色的外观。[7] 他们的身体也可以支持其他简单形式的制备,例如藻类。[8]


The RPG Icon 16x36.png 本段文字所记述的内容来自魔兽争霸角色扮演游戏,这些设定可能是非官方设定.


As their name suggests, these trolls are found in forests — at least, forests not dominated by elves or other humanoid species. Some forest trolls are jealous of their jungle and ice kin, as these forest trolls have never known the glories of their own kingdom. Forest trolls hold all other races in contempt — especially high elves, whom they consider the despoilers of their ancient homeland. (The civilization of the forest trolls of Lordaeron predates that of the high elves by several thousand years.) They will only work with others if it means the elimination of an even more hated enemy. They allied with the Horde during the Second War in this manner, abandoning the orcs after their defeat.

Forest troll culture is tribal and as primitive as their dark troll cousins. Though not as violent as dark trolls, forest trolls nonetheless have a fearsome reputation in battle.[9]


Forest trolls resemble their jungle troll cousins,但是更高大强壮。而在和兽人的比较中,森林巨魔被认为更柔软敏捷。他们的发色从血红到午夜黑,肤色则是深橄榄绿。森林巨魔用仪式的伤疤和穿刺来装饰他们的身体,他们更偏爱白色或黑色的战纹,象征着他们的力量和荣耀。[10] 这些巨魔通常能有七英尺高,有一种令人印象深刻的身体结构和斑驳暗绿色的皮肤上覆盖着苔藓。巨大的鹰钩鼻下有一幅大黄牙。[9]




  • As of patch 3.0.2, all male forest trolls except for Qeeju now use a smaller version of the Zul'Aman troll model with green skin.
  • The models for Forest trolls have the hands and feet a different color then the skin. It may be because the hands and feet are covered with moss while the body is moss free or the body may be covered with moss and the feet are uncovered.
  • The Lore is conflicting on whether forest trolls like water or not. In the Warcraft RTS games and a few locations in World of Warcraft, the Forest Trolls are shown to have battleships such as Troll Destroyers with experienced crewman. However, Alleria in the Tides of Darkness claims that trolls hate water and avoid being near it whenever they can. Trolls have ships again in Blood of the Highborne.


Locations in World of Warcraft

The gates of Zul'Aman

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