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Stormwind Keep
Stormwind Keep Post Cata.jpg
Stormwind Keep
类型 Keep
领导人 House of Wrynn
种族 暴风城人类男性暴风城人类女性人类
组织 Alliance
位置 Stormwind City
Stormwind Keep entrance
Stormwind Keep entrance

The mighty 暴风要塞Stormwind Keep[1][2] (also called Stonewind Keep,[3] Castle Stormwind,[4] stronghold of Stormwind,[5] Stormwind Castle,[6] Stormwind castle,[7] and after its reconstruction sometimes referred as Castle of New Stormwind[8][9]) is the seat of power of the human kingdom of Stormwind. The residence of King Varian Wrynn and his son Anduin, the keep (or castle)[10] also houses the extensive Royal Library where nobles and scholars from across the known world research various topics. Whispers of corruption and infiltration among the higher echelons of Stormwind's power have recently arisen, although none dare speak too loudly of these accusations out of fear of imprisonment.

魔兽世界:大地的裂变 中, 暴风要塞的内部和外部被完全改建。通往王座厅的小路现在是露天的,并且被重新设计了,包括一个宏伟的大道和一个喷泉。The throne room has been redesigned and the garden area before the Library now has a view overlooking the 暴风湖.在吉尔尼斯陷落后, 吉恩·格雷迈恩 也被添加到暴风要塞中。[11]


In the RPG

The RPG Icon 16x36.png 本段文字所记述的内容来自魔兽争霸角色扮演游戏,这些设定可能是非官方设定.

This mighty keep sits watch over Stormwind atop the cliffs north of the city. It houses the king himself and many of the city’s nobles. It was designed with the thought of another invasion in mind: if the city fell to an army vaster than it could handle, the keep itself would become a means of escape, with several secret tunnels entombed deep within the rock.[12]

Areas in Stormwind Keep

  • Petitioner's Chamber - First right as you enter the keep.
  • Garden - First left as you go down main hall of the keep.
  • Throne Room - At the end of the main hall.
    • War Room - First door, straight ahead through the Throne Room from the main hall.
    • Royal Guard Room? - Left door (somewhat behind you) from the Throne Room as you enter.
    • Royal Chapel? - Right door (somewhat behind you) from the Throne Room as you enter.


  • The map for Warcraft I shows Stormwind Keep as Stonewind Keep. Within the game it is called Stormwind Keep.
  • The music played in Stormwind Keep is also played in the High Seat in Ironforge.
  • The blog Movoto has done evaluations of Stormwind Keep to try and determine how big it is, what's its real world equivalent location is and how much it would cost to purchase, based on the previous two factors. The answers, in brief, to those three questions are: 47,219 square feet, Caernarfon Castle, Gwynedd, Wales, and US $10,293,472 ($218 per square foot), respectively.[13]


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