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Stormwind army



主城 暴风城[1]
阵营 联盟
奖励 IconSmall Horse.gif Horse
状态 Healthy
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In the past, we have relied on strength and steel to forge our way. We protect what we can, destroy what we must. But that is not the only way. If we are to ever restore this world, then there must come a time when the leaders of Azeroth are no longer the warriors, but instead the healers! Those who mend instead of those who break. Only then can we truly cure our deep ills and achieve lasting peace. Look above you! The heroes of old stand tall, and we honor and remember them well this day. But now look next to you! By your side, in this crowd, stand all the heroes of tomorrow! You… and you… and you. Each of you will play a part; each will make a difference; and in time, some will be honored on this day for deeds far greater than any we could possibly imagine! So, people of Stormwind! Let us unite this day. Let us renew our promise to uphold and protect the Light, and together we will face down this dark new storm and stand firm against it—as humanity always has… and humanity always will![2]
- King Varian Wrynn

暴风王国Kingdom of Stormwind[3][4][5][6][7][8] (also called Kingdom of Azeroth)[n 1] is a human kingdom controlling much of the southern continent of Azeroth, from Elwynn Forest and Westfall to Duskwood and the Redridge Mountains.[26] Originally settled by descendants of the Arathi,[4] Stormwind flourished until the First War when it was conquered and laid waste by the Orcish Horde. The survivors of that conflict, led by Anduin Lothar, sought refuge in Lordaeron, but were able to reclaim their homeland at the end of the Second War with the aid of the Alliance of Lordaeron.[27] Since the fall of Lordaeron during the Third War, the kingdom of Stormwind has become the strongest bastion of humanity and the most powerful force in the now multiracial Alliance.[5]

Stormwind is ruled by the House of Wrynn from their court at Stormwind Keep. Presently, the throne is occupied by King Varian Wrynn. Also aiding in the governing of Stormwind is the House of Nobles: the bureaucracy of Stormwind's government that currently aids the king in the running of the kingdom's day to day affairs.



Kingdom during the First War.

The kingdom of Stormwind was originally founded 1,200 years[28] before the First War by the descendants of the Arathi bloodline, who had migrated south from the nation of Arathor.[4] Traveling past the rocky mountains of Khaz Modan, their journey finally ended after many long seasons, and they settled in the northern region of the continent they would name Azeroth. In a fertile valley they founded the kingdom of Stormwind, which quickly became a self-sufficient power in its own right.[4] It had a long and prosperous history, with the king served loyally by the knights of the Brotherhood of the Horse and the clerics of the Holy Order of Northshire Clerics. Prior to the First War, the Wrynn dynasty ruled over the entire kingdom.

War with the orcs

The region of Stormwind.

Azeroth's idyllic existence was shattered with the opening of the Dark Portal and the invasion of the Orcish Horde. After which the kingdom waged a long and bloody war with the invading orcs. The cost was heavy. Many lives were taken; including both King Wrynn III and his son King Llane Wrynn.

Stormwind was reduced to ruins during the First War between orcs and humans. Anduin Lothar subsequently took on the mantle of regent lord and guided the refugee nation in the name of the young prince, Varian Wrynn. The city’s survivors fled to Lordaeron, where the leaders of the seven kingdoms resolved to unify once again in the Alliance of Lordaeron. Under Anduin Lothar's charismatic leadership, the Alliance joined together and succeeded in defeating the Horde during the Second War.


Though Sir Lothar did not live to see it, the Alliance forces were able to take back the ruins of Stormwind City. With Stormwind under human control once again and serving as a strong base of operations, the Alliance eventually wrested most of Azeroth from the Horde's grip. The Alliance then set to rebuilding the ruined kingdom of Stormwind, calling on artisans and patrons to help fund or aid in the massive project. Many answered the call. Terenas Menethil,[29] Mara Fordragon, Archbishop Alonsus Faol, and the Stonemasons were all instrumental in the rebuilding process. Eventually, Stormwind City was rebuilt as New Stormwind sometime after the Second War. Meanwhile, King Varian led his people in reacquiring and restorating the kingdom's lost territories.[30] The territories reacquired split the kingdom into several unique regions, all of which have their own form of municipality. Though the regions are granted a certain degree of independence, all lands with in Stormwind are united under the Stormwind banner and have sworn fealty to the House of Wrynn. Stormwind City being the crown jewel of the kingdom, once again became the capital of the restored kingdom of Stormwind.[31]

Epicenter of humanity

Stormwind City in the TCG, depicting the Valley of Heroes.

Tensions grew among the kingdoms, however, as the costs for maintaining the Alliance rose much higher than originally anticipated. Unwilling to pay the taxes, the leaders of Gilneas and Stromgarde chose to withdraw their kingdoms from the Alliance. King Varian Wrynn vowed to stand by King Terenas Menethil and remained committed to the Alliance, just as they have done for him.[29] Yet further disaster came when the kingdom of Lordaeron was decimated by a mysterious plague that killed thousands of humans and converted them into undead servants of the Lich King. Even Lordaeron’s prince, Arthas Menethil, was manipulated by the Lich King, leading Arthas to kill his own father, destroy his own kingdom and journey to Northrend, where he merged with his master. For the next five years, the Lich King remained in Northrend, plotting and building up his armies.[5]

Since the fall of Lordaeron, the kingdom of Stormwind has become the strongest bastion of humanity and the most powerful nation within the Alliance. As one of the few remaining great human cities, It boasts a powerful city guard and a strong army, and it is a base of magical/divine study and contemplation in Azeroth.[32] With the fall of the northern kingdoms, Stormwind is by far the most populated human city in the world. Boasting a population of two-hundred thousand people (predominantly human), it serves in many ways as the cultural and trade center of the Alliance, even with remote access to the sea. The humans living in the city are generally carefree and artistic, favoring light and colorful clothes, cuisine, and art.[请求来源] Led by King Varian Wrynn, the people of Stormwind hold fast to the principles of honor and justice as they defend their settlements and their families.[5]

Political unrest

Though Stormwind offered what support and resources they could to the war effort in the northern kingdoms, they were also beset by their own internal problems. A disagreement between the Stonemasons and the House of Nobles set off a violent riot that led to the murder of Queen Tiffin Wrynn. The Stonemasons became the terrorist organization known as the Defias Brotherhood and sowed anarchy and terror in the lands of Stormwind for the next decade. King Varian Wrynn, shaken by his wife's death, fell into a great depression.[30] Lady Katrana Prestor took advantage of this opportunity and used politics and sorcery to politically outmaneuver the king in the coming years.[33] In time, King Varian was able to break out of his ensorcelled depression and slowly regained his political clout, with his son Anduin Wrynn being his primary inspiration.

Stormwind reborn

Statue of King Varian at Stormwind Keep

One day King Varian was abducted by the Defias Brotherhood and the black dragon Onyxia, who disguised herself as Lady Katrana Prestor. Anduin Wrynn, the son of King Varian, was crowned king and reigned in the absence of his father for a few years. Anduin however, was too young to exercise any real political power and was governed by his co-regents, Lady Katrana Prestor and Highlord Bolvar Fordragon. For the past two years, Varian was robbed of his memories and enslaved by a Horde gladiatorial trainer in Kalimdor. Stormwind suffered much from Lady Katrana's machinations during his absence. The Dark Horde, now mysteriously allied with the Black dragonflight, have resumed their quest to conquer Azeroth. They have started their bold campaign by invading Redridge. Meanwhile, the beleaguered town of Darkshire has found itself besieged by worgen and undead. Westfall had fallen prey to the Defias Brotherhood and had taken the Deadmines as a base to plot and scheme the kingdom's demise. Fortunately, heroes of valor defended the kingdom against those who encroached upon it, and hunted down the subversive traitors who sought to destroy it from within. Varian Wrynn in the meanwhile fought his way to freedom, earning the nickname "Lo'Gosh," or "ghost wolf," while in battle. With the help of his comrades, he was able to recover his true identity, defeat Prestor and finally return to his throne.[34] On his return, he restored order to his lands and incarcerated any of the Defias that remained.

Later, Stormwind itself was attacked by the Scourge. King Varian created the Valiance Expedition to put an end to the Lich King. Members of the Horde and the Alliance launched separate campaigns in Northrend, and their efforts resulted in the Lich King’s crushing defeat. Under King Varian's daring leadership, the humans of Stormwind led the Alliance to victory against the Lich King in Northrend.


Though victory was won over the dreaded Scourge, it came at a great cost. The costs of the war in the north have taxed some of the Stormwind citizens to the point of bankruptcy. The people of Westfall, who were just recovering from years of neglect and harassment from Defias bandits, fell on especially hard times after the war. Meanwhile, Stormwind City itself was attacked by the black dragon Deathwing, who's return brought about the Shattering and wrecked parts of Stormwind City. Transients who lost their homes and businesses from either Deathwing's attack or by hard times now congregate in Westfall. Vanessa VanCleef, daughter of the late Edwin Vancleef, took advantage of the discontent to revive the Defias Brotherhood. The once natural defenses buffering the kingdom from its enemies have cracked and left openings that were taken advantaged of. The Blackrock orcs have managed to sneak into Northshire through a break in the southern Elwynn Mountains. With the guidance of the dragon Darkblaze, the Dark Horde have also begun invading Redridge in force as well. Heroes of the Alliance arose to defend the kingdom and made sure these threats never threaten Stormwind again.

As the biggest patron of the Alliance, the kingdom of Stormwind continues to lead the Alliance in their never ending war against the threats to Azeroth and their perennial enemy, the Horde. Under King Wrynn's guidance, Stormwind hopes to usher an age of lasting peace.

Azeroth's description in Warcraft II manual

WC2BnE logo 16x42.png 本段文字所记述的内容来自魔兽争霸II

Leader: Regent Lord Anduin Lothar

Nation Color: Blue

Background: Before the coming of the Age of Chaos when the Portal was first opened, the kingdom of Azeroth was the mightiest of all Human nations. Ruled by the wise and just King Llane, Azeroth stood as a beacon of light and truth throughout the known world. After the First War, Azeroth and all of its lands were devastated by the Horde. With King Llane dead, Sir Lothar took charge of the shattered armies of Azeroth and led the survivors across the Great Sea to the shores of Lordaeron. King Terenas, ruler of Lordaeron, agreed to support the landless Azerothiens. The people of Azeroth settled near the Southshore region of Lordaeron, pledging their loyalty to the Alliance. Battle-hardened and brave, the last of the once great armies of Azeroth now seek retribution for the loss of their homeland.[35]

Territory and outposts of Stormwind

A modern version of the flag.
The torn flag of Azeroth.

Following the victory of the Alliance of Lordaeron over the Horde, Stormwind was reclaimed and rebuilt as New Stormwind. The kingdom is currently split into several smaller territories, including the region of Stormwind.[36]

During the absence of King Varian Wrynn, co-regent Lady Katrana Prestor managed to sow discord among the various regions of Azeroth. In World of Warcraft, her true identity is revealed and her hold over Anduin Wrynn is broken. With Varian's return during the time of the war against the Lich King, the grand kingdom began to re-build with the threat of the Defias Brotherhood over and the many other problems that plagued the other territories slowly began to get back on top of things and maintain order. The region of Westfall seemed to officially re-join the Kingdom with the aid that was sent.

However this brief moment of progress was interrupted with the end of the war in Northrend and the recent Cataclysm that broke the world. The Kingdom now faces a more economical issue as the recent war now mounted with the Elemental War has seriously damaged the kingdoms economy. Many have become homeless and evicted forced to find work and a place to live. On the other hand the Kingdom itself has grown too.


  • Stormwind - Total control; a kingdom;[32] ruled by the monarchy of the Wrynn dynasty.
  • Elwynn Forest - Alliance; Under complete control of Stormwind and close enough to enjoy considerable Alliance guardianship; sends its criminals to Stormwind. The towns of Goldshire and Northshire Valley are this region's main hub.
  • Westfall - Alliance; The region has officially re-joined the kingdom as one of its fiefdoms again. The Defias are no longer the controlling faction of the area with the balance of power shifting to the control of the kingdom. It has become a place of poverty however with commuters pouring in. The fortified town of Sentinel Hill is this region's main hub.
  • Redridge Mountains - Alliance; under Stormwind's control;[37] the Stormwind army maintains a token presence here and handles Redridge's few crime problems. The town of Lakeshire is this region's main hub.
  • Duskwood - Alliance; The kingdoms most southern region, under the protection of Stormwind but has its own democratic government and also has control of its own small military force Night Watch. The town of Darkshire is this region's main hub. The Gilnean Worgen have settled in the region at Raven Hill to take care of the Worgen problem.
  • Deadwind Pass - Under Jurisdiction; Although this region contains no faction encampment, the area itself falls under the control of the Kingdom of Stormwind.
  • Burning Steppes - Under Jurisdiction; A region once part of the Redridge Mountains, it was blasted apart by Ragnaros when the Dark Iron Dwarves summoned him in hopes of winning the War of the Three Hammers. Although a fiery wasteland now and the kingdom has no use for such land, the ambitious young Morgan leads her militia with the prosperous idea of taking back the land of her people and building a new kingdom there to show the Alliance it still has potential. The land has no fixed settlement but for Alliance the outpost of Morgan's Vigil serves as the hub.
  • Swamp of Sorrows - Contested; The area previously in the past was under the control of the Horde, since the Cataclysm though there has been an extreme power shift as the nation of Stormwind has become the main power in the region during the questing experience which results in the Horde being forced to flee the area. The Draenei have also officially claimed the Harborage after allying with the Broken there. Currently the army of Stormwind holds the power in the region from their base Marshtide Watch but the Draenei control the only alliance civilian village.
  • Blasted Lands - Contested; After the Second War when Stormwind had been re-built and it began its campaign to re-build its kingdom once again. The kingdom felt it wise to construct Nethergarde Keep to watch over the Dark Portal for any new threats that might once again challenge the safety of the kingdom and the rest of the known world at the time. This effectivly made Stormwind the dominant power in the region for years to come. Since the cataclysm, the Horde have managed to construct a small fortress in western Blasted Lands and have started a senseless conflict with Nethergarde. Some Gilneans have also come to the region setteling in their new town of Surwich.
  • Northern Stranglethorn Vale - Contested; The Kingdom of Stormwind at one point sent an expedition to expand to Stranglethorn Vale. The expedition established Kurzen's Compound, yet madness overtook Colonel Kurzen and he went rogue. Some of Colonel Kurzen's forces, still loyal to Stormwind, mutinied against Kurzen's treachery and established the Rebel Camp, a resistance force trying to reign in Kurzen's followers. Recently, Stormwind established another outpost known as Fort Livingston who also get help from their allies at the Explorers' League Digsite.

Khaz Modan


  • Chillwind Camp - With the fall of Southshore, this bustling foward base camp has become the only presence the kingdom has too preserving Lordaeron in its pre-Third War days. Although there are many other nations spread throughout the continent which were part of the old Alliance of Lordaeron who are loyal to Stormwind, they are not part of their kingdom. The nations that remain and are hell bent on protecting their land and ridding Lordaeron from the Forsaken once and for all are the humans of Stromgarde, the wildhammer dwarves of Aerie Peak and the humans and worgen of Gilneas.

Azuremyst Isle



Territory status

History of leadership

History Kingdom of Azeroth First War and Orcish Invasion Kingdom of Stormwind
Ruler Landan Wrynn Adamant Wrynn III Llane Wrynn I Orgrim Doomhammer Varian Wrynn Bolvar Fordragon
Anduin Wrynn
Varian Wrynn
Anduin Lothar
Varian Wrynn


  1. When the kingdom was first introduced, it was called "Kingdom of Azeroth".[9][10] The first instance of "Kingdom of Stormwind" appeared in Of Blood and Honor,[11] but "Azeroth" was still used in the subsequent game[12] and books.[13][14] The now non-canon Warcraft[15][16][17] and World of Warcraft: The Roleplaying Games[18][19] used both terms interchangeably. In World of Warcraft, it was revealed that the kingdom was called "Stormwind" since it was founded,[4][20] but "Azeroth" was still used for a few in-game history books[21] (transcribed from the WC3 manual) [22] describing the First and Second Wars, contradicting the WoW manual.[23] The name "Kingdom of Azeroth" appears to be retconned, as the official site refers to the kingdom as "Stormwind" in the synopses for Warcraft I[24] and Warcraft II,[25] the games where "Azeroth" was first introduced. The Ultimate Visual Guide also calls it "Stormwind" during the First and Second Wars.[6]
  • In the human campaign of Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, the humans won the First War and in the orc campaign, the orcs won the First War. Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness and all later sources shows that the orc campaign is the true outcome, but with most of the events from the human campaign as being true.
  • Stormwind is the only human kingdom to have never dropped out of the Alliance due to destruction or secession.
    • Stormwind, Lordaeron, Kul Tiras,[38] and Dalaran (possibly destroyed) were the only human kingdoms that didn't seceded from the Alliance following the Second War.
    • Lordaeron and Dalaran were destroyed during the Third War. Dalaran chose to remain unaffiliated after it was rebuilt.
    • Kul Tiras hasn't been heard from since the end of the Third War and is not considered to be a current member of the Alliance.[39]
  • The demonym used for the people of Stormwind is "Stormwindian".[40]


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