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Stromgarde Keep
The ruins of Stromgarde
类型 Ruins
领导人 Unknown (Stromgarde)
IconSmall Human Male.gif Lord Falconcrest (Syndicate)
IconSmall Ogre Male.gif Or'Kalar (Boulderfist)
种族 暴风城人类男性暴风城人类女性人类
从属 Stromgarde, Syndicate, Boulderfist, Witherbark
位置 Southwestern Arathi Highlands

Stromgarde Keep is the ruined capital city of Stromgarde, located on the southwest corner of the Arathi Highlands. It has been divided into three sections — one under the rule of the Syndicate, another largely under the control of the Boulderfist ogres with aid from Witherbark trolls, while the last section remains under the control of the Stromgarde military and once served as the headquarters of Prince Galen Trollbane, until his death.

The inner fortress of Stromgarde.

The sword Trol'kalar, legendary bane of trolls and heirloom of the Trollbane family, was sealed away in the Trollbane Family Crypt and protected by Galen until adventurers of the Horde killed him, unsealed the tomb, and took the sword to Zengu. Zengu tasked the adventurers to retrieve the sword so that it could be used against the trolls of Zul'Gurub. When he got the sword he quickly took off alone, but was killed by the humans of Stromgarde. They returned the sword to its proper place, resealed the tomb, and once again split the sigils among their people, under Galen's successor's orders.

Galen was raised by the Forsaken and now even in undeath wants the sword... but to use against the living in the Dark Lady's name.


One of the highest-ranking leaders of the Syndicate, Lord Falconcrest, commands Syndicate efforts in the Arathi Highlands from the ruined city. The Stromgardian army have placed a bounty on his head and sought the help of the Alliance heroes. It is likely that his death would disrupt Syndicate efforts in the region to a great degree.

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