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War Crimes
作者 克里斯蒂·高登
码洋 US: N/A
页数 368
ISBN10 ISBN 1451684487
ISBN13 ISBN 978-1451684483

战争罪行War Crimes克里斯蒂·高登所著的小说,故事桥接了围攻奥格瑞玛事件和德拉诺之王资料片,讲述了对前任部落大酋长加尔鲁什·地狱咆哮的审判过程。各组织的领导人都出席了这一审判。[1]






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  • Both Golden and Micky Neilson worked on the novel's outline, while Chris Metzen and Dave Kosak worked on the "brainstorming" session with Neilson. An early idea for the novel involved Garrosh being hunted down, tracked down by Varian and Thrall. Here, he wasn't captured. Going down the path of "what if he had been captured," they settled on the trial idea, as it "hadn't been done anywhere else." It was at this point that Golden was contacted concerning the project.[2]
  • War Crimes was the second multi-character (POV) Warcraft novel Golden had worked on, the first being The Shattering: Prelude to Cataclysm. While writing she used color-coded index cards to correspond to various aspects of the plot.[2]
  • A plot thread considered early on was the conflict between Sylvanas, Garrosh, and Greymane concerning the issue of 吉尔尼斯. The plot thread was not pursued. Aethas Sunreaver was another plot thread that was decided to not be pursued.[2]
  • An unnamed night elven priestess and a human warlock appeared in the novel helping Varian to fight the attackers. These two characters are based on Christie Golden's in-game characters.[3]
  • Only a few of the alternate timeline characters appeared.[4]

Discrepancies and retcons

  • Garrosh, shown in a vision in Warsong Hold, is described with 血吼 in hands.[5] At this point he didn't receive the weapon.
  • When describing the activating of the Divine Bell, he is said to do so with Gorehowl.[6] In the game he used a ceremonial weapon.
  • Wrathion is described to be sired by Deathwing[7] though, it has been said that Deathwing is not his literal father.
  • Tyrande's current hair color in the game is green. In the book she is described as having blue hair[6] (which was her original hair color).
  • Perith stated that he joined up with Baine at Camp Taurajo the night of Cairne's death, which was backed up by a vision of him being there.[8] However following Cairne's death Perith made his way towards 德雷克塔尔, and later 萨尔 and didn't join up with Baine until after 雷霆崖 was retaken from Magatha Grimtotem. He said the elder shaman that Baine escaped Bloodhoof Village but hasn't heared of him.[9]
  • According to the book, Thrall met his parents in an alternate history of a malfunctioning timeway,[10] but in Twilight of the Aspects, he didn't want to intervene in the events of his parent's assassination because the true timeway was to be preserved.[11]
  • While the War of the Ancients Trilogy mentions more male siblings of the Windrunner sisters,[12] War Crimes says Lirath was the only brother of the sisters.[13]
  • Sylvanas's hair is described to be pale blond in life[13] while in Tides of Darkness she was described to have dark blond. Loreology confirmed to be an intentional retcon.[14]


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