类别 Medium Humanoid
阵营 Bilgewater (Horde), Steamwheedle
种族主城 Undermine

Trade Princes

故乡 Azeroth
分布地域 Undermine; Kezan, Azshara, Stonetalon Mountains, Westfall, Tanaris, Lost Isles
语言 Goblin
其它语言 Common

巨怪Hobgoblins,也被一些地精称为 蛮子 或者 智障[1] 是一种守卫 科赞岛的 城市,比如 安德麦的大型半巨人生物。巨怪是由地精被某些邪恶的炼金术转化而来的坚韧、强壮、“比宿醉的食人魔更加愚蠢”的产物。[2]

他们在 魔兽世界 资料片 大地的裂变 中首次出现。



熊猫人之谜 中部落雇佣了 重型机车来保卫 统御岗哨。据 空军上将罗杰斯说,部落在前线利用巨怪的身体作为掩护。她也声称巨怪比 食人魔更愚蠢。


Gobber, seen in a preview during BlizzCon


  • 地精玩家 拥有一个种族天赋,可以召唤一个 "背包巨怪 ",允许他们在任何地方访问银行。
  • 尽管巨怪的起源是地精,但他们每只手上有五根手指,每只脚上有五根脚趾。这可能是因为巨怪目前使用的是食人魔的动画骨架。

In the RPG

The RPG Icon 16x36.png 本段文字所记述的内容来自魔兽争霸角色扮演游戏,这些设定可能是非官方设定.


"...Those purple-skinned guys. We call them hobgoblins. They were originally goblins, of course, but now they're bigger, stronger and much stupider. They aren't so good at thinking about things, but they make great shock troops. And we don't have to feel bad about sending them into battle on the front lines, because they have a life expectancy of only three years anyway."
- Alchemist Zovzik[4]

The Alchemists' Union's greatest creations are the dread hobgoblins.[5] Hobgoblins are stupid, brutal troops that goblins created with their mad alchemy. Goblins created hobgoblins by experimenting on their own kind. The alchemically-wrought changes in hobgoblins did more than increase their size and strength and decrease their mental faculties. Perhaps the most well-known fact about them is their short lives. If a hobgoblin lives to his third year, he's ancient. Hobgoblins either don’t realize their lives are pitifully short (which is likely, due to their limited intellect) or they don't care.[6] Hobgoblins can also alter their personal metabolisms, channeling their adrenalin into the muscles that most need it. Their sweat is acidic, and they are capable of bursts of amazing speed that will reduce them to unconscious piles.[6]

One frightening change the alchemy wrought was on hobgoblin emotions and psychology. Hobgoblins are unstable, and their goblin masters find them difficult to control. They have a number of tactics — ranging from the violent to the culinary — to convince hobgoblins to obey, but because of this instability goblins use hobgoblins only rarely. Hobgoblins grunt out phrases in Common and Goblin.[6] When hobgoblins use one of their alchemically-created abilities, they secrete a sticky acid that build up on their skin and eventually becomes coated with this acid. Creatures that touch them or are touched by them are harmed by this acid. If enough of this acid builds up they are capable of shaking themselves like a dog, spraying the acid on nearby creatures. However, this acid is also highly flammable and will burst into flames should the hobgoblin come into contact with fire. The most insane hobgoblins set themselves on fire before entering combat.[7]

Concept art

Concept art listed as being hobgoblins can be found in Art of World of Warcraft. Other artwork in Art of Warcraft also seem to describe "before" and "after" pictures of goblins turning into hobgoblins.