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Kaz the Shrieker.png
Kaz the Shrieker
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性别 Female
种族 Orc (Humanoid)
职业 Shaman
所在地 Various Locations
状态 Alive
阵营 Horde
势力 Laughing Skull clan, Frostwolf Orcs, Horde
亲属 Torg Earkeeper (mate, deceased), Cutter (son)

Kaz the Shrieker is the presumed chieftain of the Laughing Skull clan in the alternate timeline's Gorgrond. She can later be recruited as a follower, provided a Lumber Mill has been built in Beastwatch.


Kaz the Shrieker is known for her brutality and love of burning things. She is a powerful shaman despite her madness.[1] Though she has an openly sadistic personality, she is fiercely protective of her son Cutter and strangely loyal to the commander once recruited.

Kaz was first seen once the commander with Durotan and Draka entered the Deadgrin village attacked by goren. Once the Beastwatch camp was established, she and Draka entered the jungle's forests to search for other orcs that had been caught in the middle of the war between magnaron and genesaur. While initially suspicious of Kaz, Draka comes to respect the Laughing Skulls and admire Kaz's dedication to her family. Horrified at the vile nature of the botani (abducting children in particular), she notes their savagery is what has helped them survive in the brutal lands of Gorgrond. Once located, Kaz ordered the adventurer to kill the infected orcs and to find three particular individuals - of whom all were dead, including her mate, Torg Earkeeper. Their son, Cutter was also caught but was kept alive and immediately rescued. Her next plan was to use the sacred waters of the botani in the ensuing conflict. Kaz even comes to call Draka sister in their confrontation against the attacking genesaur Iyu, symbolizing the two clans' growing respect for one another. After Iyu's death, she participated in the attack on the northern part of Gorgrond against the Iron Horde and eventually joined the commander as a follower and left for Frostwall.


位置 等级 生命值
Gorgrond 93 80,892
Gorgrond 94 790,325
Gorgrond 95 744,380
Garrison 95 - 100 82,320



  • The mighty Durotan descends from his mountain without an army. It would seem you have grown tired of living.
  • Yes! Burn it... sister.
  • When you die, might I wear your skull?
  • Laughing Skull! Laughing Skull! Laughing Skull!
  • Burn, burn, fire and burn.
  • <Laughing>
  • What size skull would you say you have?
  • Die laughing!
  • Burn the bodies but keep the skulls.


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It is speculated that Kaz is the chieftain of the Laughing Skull clan. Though there is no specific mention of her being the clan's chieftain, she apparently has a certain authority given on one orc's comment (Limbflayer: "No one blows up MY village! Nobody! Except maybe Kaz. But nobody else!"). She refers to the clan as her people.[2] In addition, Kaz is the only recruit-able follower from the Laughing Skull clan to have her own unique sound files when clicked.


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