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Sunreaver's Sanctuary is the Horde district of Dalaran. It is named after Archmage Aethas Sunreaver, a member of the Council of Six. It is controlled by the Sunreavers, a group of blood elves under the Archmage's command. The Sanctuary houses an inn, an auctioneer, and several vendors as well as the Wintergrasp battle-mage, Magister Surdiel, and a portal to Orgrimmar.

MoP 本段文字所记述的内容来自魔兽世界:熊猫人之谜

After Jaina Proudmoore discovered that the Sunreavers helped Garrosh Hellscream steal the Divine Bell by using Dalaran portals to infiltrate Darnassus, Jaina mobilized the Kirin Tor, Alliance forces, and the Silver Covenant to purge the Horde from Dalaran, including Sunreaver's Sanctuary.


All areas are patrolled by Sunreaver Guardian Mages.

Class Trainers

Justice Point Quartermasters

Filthy Animal Inn

PvP Battlegrounds Sanctum


  • When any Alliance players approach the Sanctuary they are immediately teleported away by the guards.
  • Alliance characters may see the Sunreaver's Sanctuary from above a certain altitude, via use of a flying mount or certain transformations of the Underbelly Elixir. If you descend too low into the Sunreaver's Sanctuary, you will either dismount or turn into you normal character (if you had turned into a wasp) and fall with a parachute. You will then be teleported out of the sanctuary by a Sunreaver Guardian Mage.
  • At some point, the Horde Warbringer was given the Horde player-versus-player crest, and thus could be kited out of the sanctuary by bubbled paladins. This was considered an exploit, even giving the local defense attack warning, and was hotfixed sometime later.
  • The Silver Covenant Agent has also become a target of kiting, as the Sunreaver Guardian Mages do not seem to discriminate against hostile NPC characters and players, and will constantly exile the agent if kited to the sanctuary.