Malfurion Stormrage, Archdruid of the Kaldorei.

Archdruid (occasionally known as arch-druid or arch druid) is the highest rank a druid can hold, awarded only by the Cenarion Circle.[1] There are only a few archdruids on Azeroth.[2]

An archdruid is an immensely wise and powerful druid whose influence on nature surpasses that of lower-ranking druids.[请求来源]


Name Role Affiliation Status Location
联盟  玛法里奥·怒风 Archdruid of the Kaldorei, Archdruid of the Moonglade Darnassus, Cenarion Circle Alive Various Locations
部落  哈缪尔·符文图腾 Archdruid of the Tauren Thunder Bluff, Cenarion Circle Alive Various Locations
联盟&部落  Adventurer Archdruid, hero of Azeroth Alliance, Horde, Cenarion Circle Alive Various Locations
中立   Fandral Staghelm Former Archdruid of Darnassus, Archdruid of the Flame Druids of the Flame, Old Gods' forces Deceased-Killable Various Locations
中立  Lathorius Leader of the Druids for the Ethical and Humane Treatment of Animals D.E.H.T.A. Alive D.E.H.T.A. Encampment, Borean Tundra
中立  Lilliandra Arch Druid of of the Cenarion Circle Cenarion Circle, Argent Crusade Alive Argent Vanguard, Icecrown
中立  Navarax Leader of the Emerald Circle, actually a satyr in diguise Emerald Circle (ostensibly) Killable Whisperwind Grove, Felwood
联盟  Elerethe Renferal Assisting the Stormpike forces in Alterac Valley, killed by the Twilight's Hammer Darnassus, Stormpike Guard, Cenarion Circle Deceased-Killable Dun Baldar North Bunker, Alterac Valley
中立  Rensar Greathoof Leader of the Dreamgrove Cenarion Circle Alive Dreamgrove, Val'sharah
中立  Elothir Archdruid of Val'sharah Dreamweavers Deceased Val'sharah
中立  Thaon Moonclaw Archdruid of Val'sharah Dreamweavers Deceased Moonclaw Vale, Val'sharah
中立  Koda Steelclaw Archdruid of Val'sharah Dreamweavers Alive Val'sharah