Cenarion Expedition
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首脑 IconSmall NightElf Female.gifYsiel Windsinger
种族构成 达纳苏斯暗夜精灵男性达纳苏斯暗夜精灵女性暗夜精灵
根据地 Cenarion Refuge, Zangarmarsh
子势力 D.E.H.T.A.
兑换物 [Unidentified Plant Parts]
[Uncatalogued Species]
[Coilfang Armaments]
军需官 IconSmall NightElf Male.gifFedryen Swiftspear
战袍 Cenarion Expedition Tabard.jpg

The Cenarion Expedition is a faction of night elves and tauren based in Zangarmarsh and led by Ysiel Windsinger. The Expedition was sent by the Cenarion Circle to Outland shortly after the Dark Portal was reopened in order to study the surviving life forms of that uncharted world. Although it began as a small organization directly controlled by the Circle, the Expedition has grown to become an autonomous organization, independent of the Circle's leadership on Azeroth. In fact, Circle reputation (regardless of how good or bad) bears no weight with the Expedition, and all characters begin at neutral with them.

The primary base of operations for the Cenarion Expedition is Cenarion Refuge in eastern Zangarmarsh. Additional Expedition outposts are located in Hellfire Peninsula, Terokkar Forest and Blade's Edge Mountains. A subdivision of this faction is the Circle of Defiance.

The Druid organization D.E.H.T.A. in Northrend is also aligned with the Cenarion Expedition, and their quests give reputation with this faction.


Neutral to Honored

As soon as you reach Level 62, head to Zangarmarsh and look for Darkcrest and Bloodscale Naga (and their slaves) to grind. Run Slave Pens or Underbog whenever you can; a good instance run with a capable group will get you more reputation faster than soloing mobs outside the instance.

Alternatively, at level 60, you can start turning in [Unidentified Plant Parts]. Every time you complete a turn-in, Lauranna Thar'well will give you a [Package of Identified Plants]. These packages have the chance to contain an [Uncatalogued Species], an item which begins a repeatable quest. Each Uncatalogued Species you hand in gives 500 reputation. Save these for later, as they continue to give reputation after reaching Honored. The more of these you can turn in, the more chance you will have of getting an Uncatalogued Species, which will make it a shorter grind to 崇敬/崇拜.

This quest is no longer available once you reach Honored, so make the most of it while you can. Ideally, you will want to do this quest 36 times, turning in 360 Unidentified Plant Parts (last turn-in can be done at 5999/6000 友善). You may even want to avoid Slave Pens or Underbog runs before you reach 尊敬, to make sure you can have all the 36 turn-in, so that the chance of getting [Uncatalogued Species] is maximized. It is possible to get as many as 7 or 8 [Uncatalogued Species] if you are lucky. This can save you a few Steamvault reputation runs later. (Together with the other reputation quests, it is even possible to reach Revered without a single instance reputation run!)

If you are an herbalist, and interested in Sporeggar faction, you may want to grind the Bog Lords which can be found in each of the corners of Zangarmarsh (Northeast, Southeast, Southwest). Their bodies can be "picked" by herbalists and often yield Unidentified Plant Parts, while every kill yields 15 reputation with Sporeggar.

Between running Slave Pens and Underbog and handing in Unidentified Plant Parts, it is very easy to reach Honored.

Honored to Exalted

Once you are 尊敬 running Slave Pens and most of Underbog on normal mode will no longer grant reputation.

Now is the best time to do the Cenarion Expedition quests. There are quests in Hellfire Peninsula, Zangarmarsh, Terokkar Forest, Blade's Edge Mountains and Netherstorm.

It is also the time to turn in any Uncatalogued Species you have found. Doing this should get you part of the way into Honored.

Apart from quests and Uncatalogued Species, you have multiple options for reaching 崇拜:

  • Run normal Steamvault, either in a group or solo once you reach the level cap. Each run gives 1,100-1,662 reputation depending on how thoroughly you clear the mobs.
  • You may also run Slave Pens, Underbog, and Steamvault on Heroic Mode once you are Honored. Regular mobs are worth 15 reputation, 2 for non-elites, and 150-250 for bosses, for a total of 2,500-2,750 reputation for a full clear. The reputation gain in Heroics is about 50% more than running regular Steamvault, but Heroics are much harder and each Heroic instance can only be done once per day. However, Heroic bosses also give Justice Points to players in the relevant level range. These can be spent toward pre-raid epic gear.
  • Until Patch 4.3, there was a Repeatable Quest from the Steamvault for the hand-in of [Coilfang Armaments]. This quest, along with a handful of other Outland repeatable quests, appears to have been removed as an undocumented change in Patch 4.3.


参见:Cenarion Expedition quests

  Neutral Friendly Honored Revered Exalted Rep Notes
250 Unidentified Plant Parts x10
500 Uncatalogued Species x1
150 Nesingwary Lackey Ear x15
Quests ~1,795 10 Quests
~5,875 ~25 Quests
~1,750 4 Quests
1,875 7 Quests (+ chain)
4,220 21 Quests
850 3 Quests
4,320 18 Quests
Instances Trash: 5
Bosses: 70
Normal run ~650 rep (more for full clear)
Full clear Heroic 2,750 rep
Trash: 15
Bosses: 250
Normal run ~1,000 rep (more for full clear)
Full clear Heroic 2,680 rep
Hungarfen, Swamplord Musel'ek, giants
Trash: 12, 2 (non-elite)
Bosses: 120
Full clear 1,662 rep
Full clear Heroic 2,559 rep
Mobs 1
2.5 Only yield XP and Rep if not being controlled
by a Bloodscale Overseer or Darkcrest Slaver
7 Named mob in Marshlight Lake, 8 min respawn timer


Early rewards include a decent leather chest with agility and stamina, a one-handed healer's mace, and a melee staff with stamina and run speed bonus, all available at 尊敬 with Cenarion Expedition and usable at level 62. These rewards provide a good reason to grind to Honored early. Additionally, at 崇敬, players can purchase [Strength of the Untamed], one of the best pre-Karazhan tanking necklaces, as well as [Watcher's Cowl], one of the best pre-Karazhan cloth healing helms.

Among the notable rewards at 崇拜 is [Ashyen's Gift], a high-stamina ring with solid spell hit appropriate for all dps casters, as well as [Earthwarden], a level-70 two-handed mace with armor and damage in feral forms. The armor bonus makes the mace an excellent tank-weapon replacement for [Warden Staff] and [Braxxis' Staff of Slumber]. High-level crafting patterns focus on Nature Resistance.

When you hit exalted with Cenarion Expedition, you will be able to buy a [Cenarion War Hippogryph] flying mount for 1600金 after discount.

Arcanist Xorith and Haldor the Compulsive will sell specialized Flasks only usable in raid zones to players who are exalted with Cenarion Expedition, the Sha'tar and the respective faction (Scryer or Aldor). The flasks are only purchasable with Mark of the Illidari obtained from creatures in Tempest Keep: The Eye, The Serpentshrine, Mount Hyjal and The Black Temple.

Faction rewards: 模板:Cenarion Expedition items

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