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Echo Isles Cata.jpg
首府 部落 暗矛岛
种族 丛林巨魔女性丛林巨魔女性丛林巨魔
统治者 未知
阵营 暗矛部族部落
地理位置 杜隆塔尔东南[64, 85]300px

回声群岛Echo Isles[64, 85]300px是位于杜隆塔尔东南沿海的一小群热带陆地。除了作为暗矛巨魔的家园外,群岛上还布满了迅猛龙,老虎和其他危险的食肉动物。


After the Third War

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After being saved by Warchief Thrall, the Darkspear Trolls pledged their support to the Horde and with the Darkspear Islands sinking they joined the orcs in Kalimdor. Much like the orcs created Orgrimmar after the Third War, it's possible that the Darkspear colonized their home on the nearby Echo Isles after the war as well. The Isles were home to sea giants led by Sea King and a deathlord with skeletons.

However, sometime after Kul Tiras forces under the command of Admiral Daelin Proudmoore attacked their new home, forcing them to flee (a task helped by the Mok'Nathal Rexxar and his companions) to Orgrimmar and to establish a new base on the mainland of Kalimdor.[1][2][3]

World of Warcraft

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After the defeat of Admiral Proudmoore, these islands were once again available to the Darkspears. The trolls, however, only had a few moments to settle down on the Isles before one of their own, Zalazane, betrayed them. The witch doctor, somehow learning the secrets of undeath, took his people by surprise using his zombies and other minions. This once again forced Vol'jin and the other survivors to retreat back to the shores of Durotar. It was on that shore, now known as Darkspear Strand, Vol'jin founded Sen'jin Village.[4][5]

It is from Sen'jin Village that numerous attempts have been made to oust Zalazane and reclaim the islands, but Zalazane continuously managed to fool adventurers into believing that they had slain him.

After rallying troll citizens and adventurers of the Horde, along with the help of Bwonsamdi, the Darkspear tribe finally killed Zalazane and retook the isles.

Zalazane's Fall

详见:Zalazane's Fall
Ritual Dancers dancing around Zalazane's remains
The Retaking of the Echo Isles.

Ritual Dancers could be briefly found on the isles near the ruins of their homes before Cataclysm but after the retake. Some could also be found dancing around the remains of Zalazane, on the isle that would soon to be known as Zalazane's Fall.

Description from the official site

After years in exile, the Darkspear trolls are preparing to invade the Echo Isles and reclaim the land once bestowed to them by Thrall. Led by Vol'jin, a wise and highly regarded Darkspear, the tribe's bravest warriors will set out from Orgrimmar and Sen'jin Village, seeking to bring about Zalazane's fall and begin the process of rebuilding their homes and villages on the Echo Isles. In World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, new troll adventurers will begin their journey on these tiny islands off the coast of Durotar, where they'll be able to experience this time of trial and transition firsthand.

Though the Darkspears may once again have their land, the tribe's turmoil is far from over. The impending cataclysm will spark rivalry among the Horde leadership, and after years of running from a seemingly endless string of conflicts to preserve the Darkspear nation, Vol'jin is done fleeing. The Darkspears have reclaimed their islands and have no intention of settling elsewhere. Of course, as an untested member of the tribe, you'll have some training to do before tackling the Darkspears' larger matters.

Every great hero starts somewhere. As a troll of the Echo Isles, the journey begins with safeguarding your people's well-being. Early in your adventures, you'll be charged with protecting the local Bloodtalon raptors and hatchlings from the sorcery of a nearby sea witch, slaying the beasts that feast upon the Darkspears' primary food sources, and assaulting the naga who've overrun the northern isle. But it won't be long before Vol'jin trusts you with vital—and potentially dangerous—information about the political struggles plaguing the Horde and, ultimately, the fellow members of your tribe.

In World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, you'll face these trials and more in the trolls' new and enhanced introductory questing experience (level 1 to 5). Be steadfast and honorable, and your actions will help usher in a new era of Darkspear perseverance in a time of ultimate peril.

See also: Glory of the Darkspears,Zalazane Must Fall


大地的裂变 本段文字所记述的内容来自魔兽世界:大地的裂变

Since Cataclysm, Echo Isles was reclaimed and became the starting zone for new trolls. They begin their training and are helped along the way by Zuni, but not everything is well. The raptors are acting strangely, and the trolls will soon find their homeland threatened again, this time by the Spitescale naga led by Zar'jira the Sea Witch. As players quest throughout the zone they develop a friendship with Zuni and eventually fight side by side with Vol'jin against Zar'jira in order put an end to the invading Naga. After a fierce battle, Zar'jira is slain, but not before she killed Zuni.

Mists of Pandaria

MoP 本段文字所记述的内容来自魔兽世界:熊猫人之谜

During the Pandaren Campaign in Pandaria, an attempt was made to kill Vol'jin by Garrosh Hellscream and at the same time he also sent the Kor'kron to these isle and declare martial law chaining up the trolls to prevent an uprising. These Kor'kron were lead by Gul'tar the Subjugator. Thrall ends up aiding the trolls believing the Horde would have been nothing if not for the Darkspears.

Native Inhabitants

Predatory Animals

Docile Animals

Smaller Creatures

Quest givers

Class Trainers


Other Notable NPCs

Warcraft III

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There are two maps of the Echo Isles in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne:

  • A multiplayer melee map for two players.
  • A map played as a part of the "To Tame a Land" mission of the orc campaign. It was much bigger than its portrayal in World of Warcraft and housed a population of wildkin, murlocs, and hydras. There were also more troll statues and ruins. With Cataclysm, Echo Isles now resemble its portrayal in The Frozen Throne.
    • The southern isle was called Pyre Island.



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