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Laughing Skull Orcs
Laughing Skull banner.jpg
首脑 IconSmall OrcGray Female.gif Kaz the Shrieker (presumed)
种族构成 IconSmall OrcGray Male.gifIconSmall OrcGray Female.gif Orc
主城 Broken Horn Village
Deadgrin (formerly)
根据地 Beastwatch
Rangari Refuge
势力范围 Gorgrond
Tanaan Jungle
主要语言 Orcish
所属阵营 Horde
军需官 Kil'rip
状态 Active
战袍 Laughing Skull Tabard.png

嘲颅氏族兽人Laughing Skull Orcs is an orc clan presumably led by Kaz the Shrieker and makes their home in Gorgrond. Known for their violent and bloodthirsty nature, these orcs take great pride in their clan identity and have therefore refused to join the Iron Horde. With the Iron Horde trying to destroy the Laughing Skull clan, they have allied themselves with the Frostwolf clan and the Horde to fight their common enemy.

In the past, the two clans battled against each other.[1] Following events in Gorgrond, however, they appear to be rather close allies.

Early in their settlement of Draenor, the draenei learned from the Laughing Skulls that podlings hate fire.[2]

The Laughing Skull chortle whenever they collect Humerus Bones from a fallen enemy.

Warlords of Draenor

WoD 本段文字所记述的内容来自魔兽世界:德拉诺之王

As the various clans of Draenor began uniting to begin their invasion of Azeroth, the Laughing Skulls rejected their offer, wishing to keep their freedom to kill whomever they wished. Following Quest:The Battle of Thunder Pass, the Frostwolf clan chieftain Durotan, his mate Draka, and the Horde commander make contact with the Laughing Skull shaman Kaz the Shrieker. After helping them with a goren invasion of their village, Kaz and her compatriots agree to an alliance with the Frostwolves, and by extension Vol'jin's Horde, against their common enemies. The Laughing Skull's involvement in the Gorgrond storyline splits when the player chooses either a lumber mill or an arena.

During the Arena Campaign, the Laughing Skull has a smaller role. Bony Xuk accompanies the player through the wastes giving quests until Quest:Get the Xuk Outta Here! when the spirits apparently play a trick on the shaman and get him killed by Gro the Uncreator. His spirit can be recruited as a follower.

During the Lumber Mill Campaign, the clan has a comparatively larger role, where Kaz and her son Cutter join Draka in battling the botani and securing greater resources for the garrison. During the storyline, Kaz and Draka butt heads over strategy but eventually begin to respect each other. They discover an artifact that can control genesaurs and retrieve it from the hands of the botani. After an epic battle during Quest:Iyu (Horde), Kaz now calls Draka "sister" and pledges her clan and herself (as a follower) fully the Horde's cause. The Laughing Skull later aids in the assault on the Iron Approach during Quest:Strike While the Iron is Hot (Lumber Mill) (Horde).

Greater Laughing Skull Orc reputation can be unlocked by building a Trading Post at your garrison.

Tanaan Jungle

A group of Laughing Skull refugees can be found at Rangari Refuge in Tanaan Jungle, where they are under supervision by Frogan. Some scouts have been imprisoned in the Hellfire Citadel but were rescued when the adventurers raided the place.

Known members

Name Role Status Location
部落  Kaz the Shrieker Presumed leader, follower Alive Beastwatch and Bastion Rise, Gorgrond, later Frostwall
部落  Limbflayer Arena Master Alive Beastwatch, Gorgrond
部落  Marrow Blacksmith Alive Beastwatch, Gorgrond
部落  Rakthoth Headtaker Alive Steamscar Rise, Gorgrond
部落  Bruto Gladiator, follower Alive Stonemaul Arena, Gorgrond
部落  Grulkor Headtaker Alive Crimson Fen, Gorgrond
部落  Kil'rip Quartermaster Alive Frostwall, Frostfire Ridge
部落  Cacklebone Follower Alive Frostwall, Frostfire Ridge
部落  Bony Xuk Follower Undead Brimstone Springs, Gorgrond
部落  Ripfist Deceased Deadgrin, Gorgrond
部落  Torg Earkeeper Mate of Kaz Deceased Razorbloom, Gorgrond
部落  Meka the Face Chewer Deceased Razorbloom, Gorgrond
部落  Chag the Noseless Deceased Razorbloom, Gorgrond
部落  Cutter Son of Kaz and Torg Alive Broken Horn Village, Gorgrond
部落  Crowfeeder Zani Blacksmith Alive Broken Horn Village, Gorgrond
部落  Deadmeat Innkeeper Alive Broken Horn Village, Gorgrond
部落  Egrin the Defiler Alive Broken Horn Village, Gorgrond
部落  Mawmaul Alive Broken Horn Village, Gorgrond
部落  Splitgrin the Massacre Warrior Alive Broken Horn Village, Gorgrond
部落  Glara the Biter Alive Broken Horn Village, Gorgrond
部落  Marmock the Wheezer Warrior Alive Broken Horn Village, Gorgrond
部落  Upchuckle Alive Broken Horn Village, Gorgrond
部落  Bonegrind the Starved Alive Broken Horn Village, Gorgrond
部落  Bludsmirk Alive Frostwall, Frostfire Ridge
部落  Ribchewer Trader & Stable Master Alive Beastwatch, Gorgrond and Frostwall, Frostfire Ridge
部落  Licefeaster Innkeeper Alive Beastwatch, Gorgrond
部落  Grinslicer Flight Master Alive Beastwatch, Gorgrond
部落  Windscreamer Flight Master Alive Bastion Rise, Gorgrond
部落  Chucklespine Flight Master Alive The Compost Heap, Gorgrond
部落  Grinning Tolg Tracker Deceased Everbloom Wilds, Gorgrond
交战  Skulltaker Former member, cursed by The Silent Skull Killable Skulltaker's Crater, Gorgrond


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第二次大战期间,穆戈尔领导了嘲颅氏族兽人的军队,但在《德拉诺之王》中并没有展示出与他们的关系。 由于在我们世界的时间线上最早提到穆戈尔是在第二次大战中,所以他可能只是在那个时候指挥了军团。