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关于the character from an alternate universe,请查阅Cho'gall (alternate universe)。 关于Cho'gall's 魔兽争霸 II statistics,请查阅Cho'gall (Warcraft II)。 关于strategy on the 暮光堡垒 encounter,请查阅Cho'gall (tactics)
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头衔 暮光之锤领袖
性别 男性
种族 食人魔法师 (mutated)
职业 法师,[1] 术士,[2][3][4] 死灵法师,[5]亡灵巫师,[6] 施法者[7]
身份 Chieftain of the Twilight's Hammer Clan, formerly Initiate of the Fifth Circle of the Shadow Council, formerly Ruler of Ahn'Qiraj, Avatar of C'Thun
所在地 Various Locations
状态 Deceased (lore),[8] Defeatable (WoW)
阵营 中立
势力 暮光之锤Old Gods' forces
前势力 旧部落, 暗影议会
导师 古尔丹
门徒 耶戈达·觅影者

古加尔Cho'gall, Cho'Gallwas a powerful 食人魔法师, Initiate of the Fifth Circle of the 暗影议会, and Chieftain of the 暮光之锤氏族.[9] Cho'gall managed to survive with remnants of his clan when 古尔丹 was torn to shreds by demons during his quest to find the 萨格拉斯之眼 toward the end of the 第二次战争. Fleeing to 卡利姆多 and taking refuge within the ruined city of 安其拉, Cho'gall's body became warped by the power of the 上古之神 克苏恩

With the return of 死亡之翼 and the 大灾变 that followed in his wake, Cho'gall aligned himself and the Twilight's Hammer with the corrupted Aspect and his allies,强大的元素领主奥拉基尔拉格纳罗斯,to help usher in the end times. Overseeing the cult's efforts from his citadel in the 暮光高地, Cho'gall was struck down by champions of Azeroth within his own throne room.


First and Second War

Cho'gall in WC2.

Unlike most of the Orcish Horde's ogre allies, Cho'gall was not from the Breakers, but from the 高里亚帝国, and was the first two-headed ogre seen in generations, and more importantly he had a natural gift for arcane magic.[请求来源] Even more rare, he had far more intelligence and strength than his brethren. He was found by 古尔丹 when he was still young and was trained carefully[10] in the arts of the arcane of the Twisting Nether.[9] In time, Cho'gall became one of the most feared and venerated members of the 旧部落 during the First and Second Wars against the humans. Alongside 基尔罗格·死眼, Cho'gall led the failed first siege of 暴风城要塞.[11] At some point, he gained the control of the 暮光之锤氏族. Doomhammer considered him dangerous as he was as fanatical as the orcs who followed him.[12]

Though Cho'gall was extremely powerful, he was also dangerously insane. The clan, less of a tribe and more of a religious cult, was devoted to bringing about the apocalypse. In his capacity as a chieftain and as the right hand of Gul'dan, Cho'gall aided his master in the creation of the 死亡骑士s and the 风暴祭坛, and in the transformation of normal ogres into ogre magi.

At some point, Cho'gall personally was inspecting the Refinery at 格瑞姆巴托。Cho'gall and his convoy were traveling through the 荒芜之地 of 卡兹莫丹, and an ambush by 激流堡 warriors was expected. Doomhammer sent additional warriors to protect the ogre-magi.[13] The mission was a success and Cho'gall reported that the Khaz Modan Refineries were well maintained and fulfilling their quotas.[14]

Cho'gall and the Twilight's Hammer followed Gul'dan and the 暴掠氏族 when the warlock went to discover the 萨格拉斯之墓. Though he did not enter the tomb himself, Cho'gall was assaulted while defending Gul'dan from the 黑齿狞笑氏族 led by黑手之子,雷德麦姆,who had been sent by 奥格瑞姆·毁灭之锤 to destroy the traitor clans that had abandoned the war on the 联盟 just before the final push on 洛丹伦王都。While many perished on the 破碎群岛, some members of the Twilight's Hammer clan were able to survive, including Cho'gall, who had long been presumed dead at the hands of the sons of Blackhand and their 黑齿狞笑氏族.[15]


WoW-comic-logo-16x68.png 本段文字所记述的内容来自魔兽世界系列漫画

After the battle at the Broken Isles, Cho'gall escaped to southern 卡利姆多, where he took shelter with his Twilight cult within the chamber of 克苏恩 deep inside the 安其拉神殿Stasia brought 迦罗娜 back to meet her master, Cho'gall. 迦罗娜 was the half-orc assassin who murdered 国王莱恩·乌瑞恩瓦里安之父。迦罗娜was a tool of 古尔丹 back then, kept firmly under his control with control words he'd programmed into her when she was a child - he'd basically ensorcelled her into doing whatever he commanded. Garona hadn't defeated the attackers; they'd captured her and taken her back to Ahn'Qiraj, the stronghold of the Old God C'thun. Cho'gall was terribly pleased to see Garona, and even more pleased to see that the control words Gul'dan used on her were still effective. Garona would be a useful tool for him and make it that much easier to get to her son 麦德安, the subject of a prophecy.

Cho'gall had also caught wind of the peace summit to be held in 塞拉摩 and came up with a plan that would use Garona to her full potential. Using the control words to bend her to his will, he ordered her to seek out and murder King Varian Wrynn, followed by his son 安度因 and then the Warchief 萨尔. If Garona failed to kill Varian, each side would still be more likely to blame the other, declaring open war on the spot and completely ignoring the Twilight's Hammer and whatever they happened to be up to in the south. And if for some reason Garona failed and got herself killed, it'd be that much easier to get her son, Med'an. He then ordered Garona to forget all about both him and Ahn'Qiraj the moment she stepped out of the city - to her, it would be as if she were working under her own volition.

Cho'gall's plan succeeded in making all hell break loose as Garona and the Twilight's Hammer began their attack. Med'an managed to show up in time to save Anduin and try to rescue his mother - and for his efforts, Stasia caught him, knocking him unconscious and carrying him away. Med'an woke up in Ahn'Qiraj to the dulcet tones of Cho'gall, who was berating Stasia for her failure in bringing Garona back, to Stasia's protests. After Stasia admitted she was just trying to get Garona killed, Med'an tried to attack them both and got himself flung across the room for his troubles - landing right on top of the corpse of C'thun. Despite being a corpse, the thing immediately starting whispering sweet nothings of chaos and destruction in Med'an's horrified ears. 梅里 teleported himself and 瓦莉拉 into Ahn'Qiraj right into the middle of a very surprised and very angry group of Twilight's Hammer, who were none too happy to see the two of them. After a long battle in which Med'an was rescued they got out.

Meanwhile Garona decided to kill Cho'gall. After she reached Ahn'Qiraj Garona witnessed the terrifying transformation of Cho'gall as he was twisted into a monstrous mockery of the ogre he'd once been by his "master." Said master demanded Med'an's immediate recapture and gave Cho'gall the power to summon something to help him - a 无面者. Everyone in Theramore tried to fight the Faceless One back, but it was Med'an who managed to kill it with an impressive blast of arcane and shamanic magic woven together. In Ahn'Qiraj, Chogall's "master" showed his displeasure at Cho'gall's failure by warping his body even further. Cho'gall decided since the boy couldn't be captured and bent, he would simply have to be sacrificed - and with proper engineering, his death would accomplish what Cho'gall had wanted all along. The energy discharged upon Med'an's death would break the bonds that imprisoned his master and free him to unleash chaos onto Azeroth. Cho'gall's plan all along was to release the Old God.

Cho'gall sought to bring forth the chaos foretold in a prophecy, to weaken the barrier between Azeroth and the elemental plane and allow his master to reclaim its former elemental servants and send them to rampage across the world. Cho'gall unleashed four elementals to attack Theramore, to bring Med'an to him. However Med'an gained enough power to cast a blast that weakened the elements considerably. Later the 新提瑞斯法议会 gave their powers to Med'an, and he teleported to Ahn'Qiraj, to defeat Cho'gall once and for all.

Garona found the 埃提耶什法杖 within the corpse of C'thun and brought it back to the surface. While Med'an's powers were truly phenomenal, it looked as though they would not be enough to defeat Cho'gall - now a horrifyingly deformed avatar for the Old God - and desperation set in. Cho'gall began the spell that would summon the Old God to Azeroth and signal the world's destruction. In a desperate gambit, Meryl channeled the fel energy that tainted Atiesh's base to Med'an, who used his powers to cleanse it and strengthened himself further. Furthermore 艾格文s power fueled Med'an even further, and when he touched the base of Atiesh, it reformed. With the combined powers of the Council, Meryl, Aegwynn and the staff of Atiesh, Med'an destroyed Cho'gall, burying him beneath the rubble of Ahn'Qiraj.

Elemental Unrest

WotLK 本段文字所记述的内容来自魔兽世界:巫妖王之怒

Cho'gall apparently survived his encounter with 麦德安 and reappeared around the time of 魔兽世界:大地的裂变. His image appeared around 艾泽拉斯 speaking with cultists.

During the fourth phase of pre-Cataclysm Elemental Unrest event, he commanded four of his elemental lieutenants to attack Horde and Alliance capital cities. In addition players witnessed his personal conversation with Crown Princess Theradras, who was put in charge of Earth Elementals assigned to invade Orgrimmar and Ironforge. He also praised Hydromancer Kulratha of the Sandfury Tribe, sister to the late Hydromancer Velratha, for strenghtening Gahz'rilla, a favored pet of the Old Gods.

大地的裂变 (Cataclysm)

Cataclysm 本段文字所记述的内容来自魔兽世界:大地的裂变
Cho'gall battles the 石槌氏族 in 厄运之槌.

In 厄运之槌 Cho'gall gave the 戈杜尼食人魔 power as a reward for their loyalty and work for the Twilight's Hammer clan. Despite his attempts though, Cho'gall was pushed out of Dire Maul by adventurers of the Horde and Alliance.

At the same time Cho'gall and the Twilight's Hammer were in the process of conquering the 暮光高地, and indeed had already claimed most of it. Leading the clan, Cho'gall also had its members attack various people including 瓦里安·乌瑞恩国王 to buy time for the clan. The ogre-mage, at the bidding of Deathwing and the Old Gods, was seeking to forge the Twilight's Hammer into a powerful army with the Highlands as their capital. To this end Cho'gall and the Twilight's Hammer systematically enslaved hundreds of elementals, spread twilight corruption across the region, and summoned corrupted elementium tendrils from the ground to shape into buildings and walls. They even summoned a massive maw (presumed to be a forgotten one) named Iso'rath to the surface.

Eventually, as the Alliance and Horde proved themselves to be a very real threat to the plans of his masters, Cho'gall personally sent assassins to Stormwind and Orgrimmar to kill 瓦里安·乌瑞恩国王 and 大酋长加尔鲁什·地狱咆哮。These attempts on the two leader's lives pushed both factions into open war with the Twilight's Hammer alongside the dragonflights, Earthen Ring and Cenarion Circle. The adventurers enlisted by the Alliance and Horde slowly work their way through the Highlands and dismantle Twilight's Hammer operations, before ultimately moving to try and destroy the Hammer of Twilight.

This final move is met with failure, however, as Cho'gall appears to claim his new weapon and direct his forces against the adventurers. He himself retreats to the Bastion of Twilight.

Some time later the adventurers of the Alliance and Horde storm the towering Bastion of Twilight and fight their way through Cho'gall's defenses and the strongest commanders that the Twilight's Hammer has to offer. In the end none of them possess the might to stop the invaders and the adventurers confront Cho'gall himself. Despite his powerful command of twilight magic, and summoning faceless ones to aid him, Cho'gall is killed in the ensuing battle. With his dying breath, however, he sends the adventurers plummeting into the depths of the Bastion where they confront the dark secret at its heart.


古加尔死后, 暮光之锤陷入了混乱,直到暮光神父接管了该组织。


In the RPG

The RPG Icon 16x36.png 本段文字所记述的内容来自魔兽争霸角色扮演游戏,这些设定可能是非官方设定.

As with a number of ogres of his type, he actually had two names, one for each head — Cho and Gall.[17]

Cho'gall became the Chieftain of an orc clan after the previous one was executed for disobeying the 暗影议会。Cho'gall renamed the clan as the 暮光之锤,while all records of both the clan's old name and the chieftain's one were destroyed.[18]



  • " took control, Gul'dan. While you were unconscious! He attacked the Shadow Council and killed most of them! Only you and I and a few of the lesser warlocks remain!"[19]


Cho'gall's prophecy.
"When the child of the three realms becomes as light, the ancient power will be released. The earth will tremble. The seas will rise up in answer, and all will be madness. A new day will dawn, bringing with it chaos or peace. Our master is a god of chaos! Pandemonium will aid the old one's release! To this end, we will weaken the barrier between Azeroth and the Elemental Plane. This will allow our great master to reclaim its former elemental servants and send them to rampage throughout our world."
"Ah! The powerless 艾格文! And 梅里 -- ancient, undead and nearly useless -- who now carries a diabolical hint of fel magic...and is host to that delicious demon! Tell me mage, isn't that carrying the adage "Keep your enemies close" a bit too far?"

World of Warcraft

详见:Cho'gall (tactics)#Quotes
详见:Crown Princess Theradras#Quotes


  • Cho'gall was once claimed to be one of the first ogre-magi, or indeed the first.[9] Warlords of Draenor and Lords of War have retconned this, however, introducing the 高里亚帝国 as a centuries old ogre civilization ruled by a long line of ogre-magi. Cho'gall is, himself, a former citizen of this nation.
    • Alternatively, he was one of the first, if not the first, ogre-mage of the Old Horde.
  • During his final fight, the warlock 辛菲尔 was cursed.
  • In the beta for 大灾变, Cho'gall spoke with one voice as most two-headed ogres do, but during all encounters in the final game his heads speak independently of each other; each head has its own subpersonality, with Cho being the more intelligent and well-spoken and Gall being the more fanatical and loud-mouthed. The heads have been doing things most ogre heads don't, such as talking one after the other, noticing things independently of each other and, on at least one occasion, disagreeing and talking over each other. Gall's quotes are usually put within parentheses in-game.
  • Cho'gall is voiced by Patrick Seitz (left head) and Grant George (right head).
  • Cho'Gall is a playable character in 风暴英雄. He is unique among the playable heroes in that his two heads, Cho and Gall, are controlled by two different players sharing the same character.




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Ruler of Ahn'Qiraj
Leader of the Twilight's Hammer
The Twilight Father