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Half-human[1] is the term used to describe individuals who have descended from a parent that is a human (or near-human) or half-human and a parent of any other species (such as a high elf, night elf, orc, ogre, blood elf, dwarf, etc).[2] Orcs, and even Garona, viewed her heritage as being half-human (from Draenor "humans"[3]) although she is part draenei and orc.[4] [请求来源] There are also rare half-ogres of half-human descent.[5]

Specific Iindividuals

Noteworthy "half-human" appearances:

Types of half-humans

  • Half-orc (In regards to half-orcs of human or near-human descent.)
  • Half-human half-ogre
  • Half-elf (In regards to half-high elf of human descent.)
  • Half-night elf (In regards to half-night elf of human descent.)
  • Half-blood elf (In regards to half-blood elf of human descent.)
  • Drakonid - Described as a half-man, half dragon (although this may be figurative).
  • Worgen - Described as a half-man, half-wolf[6] (although this likely figurative).
  • Magnataur - Referred to as "the mammoth half-men" by the tuskarr[7] (although this is likely figurative).


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