Garadar aerial II.jpg
Garadar as seen from the sky.
类型 Town
领导人 Greatmother Geyah
种族 玛格汉兽人男性玛格汉兽人女性玛格汉兽人
语言 Orcish
信仰 Shamanism
从属 Mag'har, Horde
位置 Northern Nagrand [56, 34]

Garadar, the home ground of the Mag'har, is located in northern Nagrand.[56, 34] It was built as an internment village for orcs suffering the red pox years before Kil'jaeden came to Draenor and began his plans of manipulation[1] and named after Garad, the father of Durotan and grandfather of Thrall.[2] The faction military chief of Garadar is Garrosh Hellscream, son of Grom Hellscream. He is aided by Jorin Deadeye, son of Kilrogg Deadeye. The spiritual leader of the Mag'har is Greatmother Geyah — Durotan's mother and Thrall's grandmother — who resides in the large circular hospice that serves as the inn. There is also a Horde flight path here connecting Garadar to the rest of Outland.

After solving the mystery of the agitated ancestors of Nagrand, Thrall himself will come to Garadar accompanied by his chief advisor Drek'Thar and a battalion of his Kor'kron honor guards.


  • The wind rider master, Gursha, is on the southeast side of the circular-shaped inn on the north edge of town.
  • Repairs are available from Osrok the Immovable — who stands a short distance to the east from the large bonfire south of the inn.

Travel Connections


部落 Falcon Watch
部落 Zabra'jin
中立 Shattrath City




  • You must be at least neutral with the Mag'har to talk to people here. For more information on how to become neutral, see Mag'har.
  • Garadar was not built until after Draenor shattered and became Outland.[3] While this seems to contradict established lore, it is possible that this means Garadar did not receive its permanent, clay buildings until later, as Rise of the Horde describes the orcs living in tents. Sean Copeland clarified that Garadar existed before the world broke apart in the main timeline, but this might not hold true for the alternate universe Draenor.[4]



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