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性别 男性
种族 兽人 (人型生物)
职业 战士
身份 Advisor to Warchief Thrall and Garrosh Hellscream
所在地 Various Locations
状态 Alive
阵营 部落
势力 The Horde, Orgrimmar, Argent Crusade
前势力 Blackrock clan, Orcish Horde
亲属 Tirion Fordring (honor brother), two unnamed sons (deceased), Ariok (son)

Eitrigg is an aging Blackrock orc warrior and veteran of the First and Second War. After an encounter with Tirion Fordring, the two warriors came to respect each other and later became friends despite the animosity between their two races.

Currently, Eitrigg serves the Horde as an advisor to the Warchief. His wise counsel is considered valuable by Thrall, but disregarded by Garrosh Hellscream. He also joined Tirion in the Northrend Campaign as commander of the Argent Crusade's Zul'Drak division.


Of Blood and Honor

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Tirion Fordring helps Eitrigg.

Eitrigg is an aging but still powerful orc warrior currently (after the death of the Lich King) in his late fifties,[1] who was born into the Blackrock clan and served with valor and distinction during the First and Second War, losing two sons to a battle. After he learned the truth of Gul'dan's betrayal,[2] Eitrigg fled into the wilderness of Lordaeron, forsaking his race and determined to live out the rest of his days in peace. He knew Durotan and his fate.

He was discovered years later living in the ruins of an abandoned watch tower by the paladin Tirion Fordring. At first regarding each other as nothing but enemies, the two began to fight one another. Their fight caused the tower to collapse, and Eitrigg ended up saving unconscious Tirion's life by pulling him out of the ruins. From that point forward, Tirion felt he owed a debt of honor to the orc.

This was not enough to prevent Eitrigg from being captured however. It is certain that the orc would have been put to death in Stratholme but thanks to the timely intervention of Tirion and Thrall's new Horde, he was saved. He regarded Tirion as his human brother after such losses to save him.

After meeting Warchief Thrall, Eitrigg found that his people had rediscovered their shamanistic roots, and returned to life among his own kind. Before he left with his people, Eitrigg proclaimed that Tirion and he were brothers, bound by blood and honor.[3]

World of Warcraft

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He served the Horde as an advisor and supporter to Thrall,[4] and can be found in Thrall's throne room in Orgrimmar. He also served as Warchief's Honor Guard.[5] Thrall also tasked him to oversee new recruits of the Horde.[6]

He announced a human spy that told Thrall about the draenei landing on Azeroth and joining the Alliance.[7] Later, he was present when Thrall learned about the uncorrupted orcs, the Mag'har. Thrall commanded him to send ambassadors to Hellscream.[8]

Eitrigg at the Argent Stand.

Wrath of the Lich King

WotLK 本段文字所记述的内容来自魔兽世界:巫妖王之怒

In a letter to Warchief Thrall (carried by a Horde death knight who completed Quest:The Battle For The Ebon Hold), Tirion Fordring - now the Highlord of the Argent Crusade - made a postscript sending his regards to Eitrigg and requesting that Thrall send him to Northrend, saying he needed a good orc at his side.

Thrall appears to have approved this request as Eitrigg can be found at the Argent Stand, the Argent Crusade outpost in Zul'Drak. He ends the quest Quest:Pure Evil. He has made friends with many of the members: Avenger Metz, the surly human paladin, even called him brother.

The Shattering

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Eitrigg returned from Northrend and was present at a celebration for Garrosh Hellscream and his warriors' return from Northrend. After an attack on night elves, Eitrigg accompanied Thrall to Dustwallow Marsh, where Thrall had a secret meeting with Jaina Proudmoore. When the meeting was over, Eitrigg discussed with Thrall about the current situation of elements, and Thrall decided to leave Azeroth and venture to Nagrand, where he would speak with the Furies. Before leaving, Thrall appointed Garrosh as a leader of the Horde and tasked Eitrigg and Cairne Bloodhoof to be Garrosh's advisers. Garrosh had Orgrimmar rebuilt with an architecture similar to that of the old ways of the Horde, which Eitrigg disliked.

After another attack in Ashenvale occurred, Cairne challenged Garrosh into a ritual mak'gora, but to the death. Magatha Grimtotem poisoned Garrosh's weapon, Gorehowl, in order to have Cairne killed easily. Eitrigg and Vol'jin noticed how Cairne felt and Eitrigg realized that Gorehowl had not been blessed, which he later revealed to Garrosh.[9]


文件:Eitrigg Burning Steppes.jpg
Eitrigg at Flame Crest.
Cataclysm 本段文字所记述的内容来自魔兽世界:大地的裂变

During Garrosh's ascension, Thrall tells Garrosh to use Eitrigg as well as Cairne and Vol'jin to advise him in leading the Horde while Thrall goes to Nagrand to find out from the elements there what is wrong with Azeroth.[10] Although cautious of the new Warchief Hellscream's motives and actions, he tried to advise the warchief and guide him away from repeating the mistakes of the past.[11]

Eitrigg learned about the Alliance's plans to invade Durotar. He wanted to ask the Warchief about sending reinforcements.[12]

Later he was seen in the Burning Steppes with his son Ariok working to stop the Blackrock orcs from attacking Redridge. While the Blackrock were able to summon a Pitlord, due to Eitrigg's plan the Blackrock High Warlock Xi'lun is unable to control the pitlord and it wipes out most of the Blackrock forces.

Tides of War

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Eitrigg was present during the meeting of the Horde leaders, where Garrosh's plan was explained. Eitrigg was against the plan and even Baine Bloodhoof supported him. After Theramore was destroyed, Eitrigg wrote a letter explaining all that had happened and sent an orc courier to the Maelstrom to Thrall.[13]


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文件:Eitrigg Siege.jpg
Eitrigg injured during the Siege of Orgrimmar.

During the events of Vol'jin's revolution, Thrall said to Vol'jin that he is going to Orgrimmar to find some orcs, Eitrigg included, who are against Garrosh.[14]

Siege of Orgrimmar

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Eitrigg, after discovering Garrosh's new base below Orgrimmar, and his corruption by Y'Shaarj, sides with the rebel and Alliance forces to end Garrosh's reign. He also reveals to the attackers the true scale of Garrosh's lust for power. He is badly wounded, but survives the siege, shown by his presence in War Crimes.

War Crimes

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Eitrigg accompanied Go'el and Varok to the trial of Garrosh Hellscream. Baine suggested him to be Garrosh's defender but Eitrigg declined remarking that he would have his chance to speak should he desire so. Ultimately Baine was chosen to defend Garrosh, which Eitrigg supported.[15]


位置 等级 生命值
Orgrimmar 20 968
Zul'drak 75 106,350
Burning Steppes 85 211,860
Siege of Orgrimmar 20 968

Memorable quotes

  • Do you think my people survived in your world this long using brute strength alone? Your kind has always underestimated mine. That is why you lost the first war, I think.
  • You have great honor, for a human. That much was clear from our fight. No honorable warrior deserves to die like a trapped animal. It would not have been right to simply leave you there. Besides, I have seen enough death in my time.
  • There is much you do not know about my people. Their honor and their pride left them long ago. I decided my duty to them was finished when my sons were killed.
  • All orcs are warriors, human. We know little else. Despite my sons' strength and prowess, they were betrayed by their own leaders. During the last war our clan chieftains fought amongst themselves over petty rivalries. As one particularly bloody battle concluded, my sons were ordered to pull back from the front lines. One of our chieftain's rivals, hoping to advance his clan's standing within the Horde, countermanded the order and sent my sons and their brethren back to be slaughtered. It was a dark day for our clan... A dark day for me. I realized then that there was no hope. Corruption and enmity had completely overshadowed my people's spirit. I felt that it was only a matter of time before the Horde devoured itself from within.
  • We are bound by blood and honor, brother. I will not forget you.
  • The Blackrock orcs are my kin. My father was a Blackrock, as was his father before him. My mother was a Blackrock. And I am a Blackrock.
But before anything else, I am an orc. And that means honor above all else.
My Highlord has granted me leave to complete my task here in the Burning Steppes. And I will not leave until the Blackrock orcs here learn the error of their ways.

Siege of Orgrimmar

The Warchief ignored my council. I discovered he was building a compound beneath the caverns of Ragefire.
Thrall and Saurfang have already gone down below.
Go with caution. Hellscream has been assembling an arsenal down there - goblin mercenaries, pandaren artifacts, and some sort of darkness I can feel in my very soul.



Questionmark-medium.png 以下为理论推测和演绎,不能被当做官方说明。

In Of Blood and Honor, Eitrigg mentions two children being killed. In Cataclysm it was revealed that another son, Ariok, survived. It is unknown whether Ariok is one of the two, or a third child.

The death of his children seems to have more versions. According to Of Blood and Honor, his two sons were killed in a conclusion of a battle where a rival of the then-current Chieftain sent the orcs back to the battle from which the orcs were to withdrawn. According to Quest:Eitrigg's Wisdom, he and his two children joined Dal'Rend in the Blackrock Mountain and were killed there in a battle against the Dark Iron dwarves. The Shattering: Prelude to Cataclysm reveals that his sons were betrayed by fellow orcs and killed in battle.

It is unknown which version is canon but it is likely the newest, the Shattering, which may also indicate the description from Of Blood and Honor as it can be possible that "fellow orcs" were the rivaling chieftains.

Ultimate Visual Guide lists only Ariok as his son and the two deceased are not mentioned at all.


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