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Blood of the Highborne
作者 Micky Neilson
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Blood of the Highborne is a novella focusing on the creation of the Blood Knights. Its existence was first mentioned at Blizzcon 2010, when Chris Metzen said that it had been written but they had never found a good way to release it.[1] It was released digitally as part of the World of Warcraft: Paragons collection on March 31st, 2014.

In an interview with WoW Insider, Micky Neilson said that they had decided to release it along with Unbroken and the Leaders of Azeroth stories in a single volume.[2] According to Neilson, Blood of the Highborne serves a similar purpose to Unbroken (to formally introduce the Blood Knights as they did the draenei shaman), though as a novella, Highborne is considerably lengthier. The novella is told mostly from the perspective of Lady Liadrin, and explores her life throughout the Second War and years prior, the Third War, as well as its aftermath, detailing her journey from priestess to warrior to Blood Knight. Lor'themar Theron serves as a deuteragonist, exploring his own early regency and tribulations with the assistance of Halduron Brightwing, as well as detailing Dar'Khan Drathir's lust for power and eventual betrayal. The story also touches upon the dangers of magical addiction through Galell, Liadrin's one-time apprentice.


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  • The novella's premise has been the subject of some confusion: its existence was first revealed in answer to a question about Kael'thas Sunstrider and his turn to the Burning Legion (Metzen mentioned at BlizzCon 2010 that the novella would detail exactly that),[1] and while Kael is a supporting character, this plot thread is not addressed. Micky Neilson acknowledged this on Twitter, and has begun work on a Kael'thas story that will explore the prince's fall from grace as part of the villains' collection of short stories.
  • Blood of the Highborne is one of the longest-awaited stories in Warcraft publication history. It was first conceived around 2007, though publication difficulty never saw it released. According to Neilson, it received alterations after the canonization of In the Shadow of the Sun to better fit with the character portrayals there, though was still not released until years later.