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Highmountain tribe
Ornamm leading the tribe to kill Trag.
首脑 部落 IconSmall Tauren Male.gif Ornamm
中立 IconSmall Highmountain Female.gif Mayla Highmountain
次级首领 部落 IconSmall Tauren Male.gif Sulamm
中立 IconSmall Highmountain Female.gif Jale Rivermane
中立 IconSmall Highmountain Male.gif Lasan Skyhorn
中立 IconSmall Drogbar.gif Navarrogg
种族构成 雷霆崖牛头人男性雷霆崖牛头人女性牛头人
IconSmall Drogbar.gif Drogbar
职业 Shaman, Warrior, Hunter, probably others
主城 部落 Unknown
中立 Thunder Totem
势力范围 部落 Unknown
中立 Highmountain
阵营 Horde
Highmountain tauren
状态 Active

The Highmountain tribe is a nomadic tribe of tauren.[1] They are a tribe of tauren that apparently predates the War of the Ancients, as Huln Highmountain lived at that time.[2] In the aftermath of the Third War they apparently live in the Eastern Kingdoms.[1] There is a separate branch of the Highmountain tribe living in Highmountain on the Broken Isles, who are descended from the great hero Huln Highmountain.


War of the Ancients

The earliest known member of the Highmountain tribe is Huln Highmountain, also known as "Huln of The Eagle Spear." He united the warring Rivermane, Bloodtotem, and Skyhorn tribes under the banner of the Highmountain during the War of the Ancients.[3] Huln was chosen by Krasus during the War of the Ancients to lead the amassed tauren tribes that joined the night elves against the demons, alongside Unng Ak of the furbolgs and Dungard Ironcutter of the Earthen. During the war, Huln received a blessing from Cenarius, so that his people would forever have the demigod's favor, granting them the Horns of Eche'ro: their moose-like horns.[4] After the war, the four tribes' homeland was named Highmountain in his honor, and Huln used the Hammer of Khaz'goroth to banish Deathwing from the land.[5]

Huln's spear, the eponymous Eagle Spear, is marked with descriptions of the weapon's history and the feats of its previous owners. It is sacred to the tauren of Highmountain.

Trag before he died.

Trag Highmountain

Trag Highmountain was a tauren of the part of this tribe living in the Eastern Kingdoms, he left his fellows and joined a barony of Mordis. During a battle he died,[6] but was raised as a Forsaken because of the powers of the Orb of Ner'zhul.[1]

Dark Portal Opens

文件:Melgromm Highmountain.jpg
Melgromm fight against demons.

Melgromm Highmountain helped the Horde and the Alliance to drive the demons back to Outland. He later fought in the Stair of Destiny when they managed to cross the Dark Portal.

Betrayal of their undead tribesman

Trag returned with his tribe, but the shaman, Sulamm betrayed him and ordered Ornamm to kill Trag whilst he slept with a spell. Trag was burning when he awakened and defeated the Tauren party led by Ornamm, however, he didn't kill anyone but proceded to confront the shaman. Even though his own rage and the Lich King's whispers ordered Trag to kill Sulamm he couldn't, leaving him in trance because of his own spell. Trag left his tribe because of what they tried to do and because he could put them in danger.[1]


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Huln's descendants continue to live in Thunder Totem on the Broken Isles. With the death of their previous chieftain, Mayla Highmountain has become the High Chieftain of the accord between Highmountain, Rivermane, Skyhorn, and Bloodtotem. Unfortunately, the theft of the Hammer of Khaz'goroth by Dargrul the Underking and the drogbar has shattered the unity of the four clans. An adventurer sought to reunite the tribes, but the Bloodtotem drank demon blood and joined the Burning Legion. In their place, the Stonedark tribe of drogbar led by Navarrogg joined instead.[7]