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Bleeding Hollow clan
首脑 IconSmall OrcBrown Male.gifJorin Deadeye
  前成员 IconSmall Orc Male.gifKilrogg Deadeye
IconSmall FelOrc Male.gifGrillok "Darkeye"
IconSmall ChaosOrc Male.gifWarlord Morkh
种族构成 奥格瑞玛兽人男性奥格瑞玛兽人女性兽人
主城 Bleeding Hollow Ruins (Mag'har), Fortress Auchindoun (Second War), Zeth'Gor (Fel Horde)
其他重要据点 Orgrimmar (presumed), Garadar (refugees)
主要语言 Orcish
所属阵营 Horde
状态 Active
Bleeding Hollow clan banner in color

血环氏族是极具传奇色彩的兽人氏族之一。. The clan is named after the hidden chamber in which the chieftains sacrifice an eye to receive a vision of their death.[1] Knowing how they will die, the chieftains of the Bleeding Hollow are able to lead their clan without fear against foes that one would otherwise be concerned to face.[2]

The Bleeding Hollow use blood in their spells, including a ritual to create dire orcs.[3]


The Bleeding Hollow clan have had at least thirty-one chieftains over the course of their existence, not including their present chieftain, Jorin Deadeye. Among them included Braknoth, Durmak and Vargrak.[4] There was also an unnamed mad chief, who was apparently known for his speed and possible fel-corruption, hinted at by his skull's powers and unusual green glow of his eye.[5]

Once, back when Kilrogg Deadeye was not yet the chieftain of the Bleeding Hollow, the clan was terrorized by the arakkoa who were invading their home in the Tanaan Jungle. The orcs were forced to hide in their villages from the bird men, and the chieftain at the time - Kilrogg's father - forbade them to wander beyond the walls. This era came to an end when Kilrogg killed his own father and assumed leadership of the clan, leading them to attack the arakkoa and reclaim ownership of the jungles.[2]

At the start of the First War, the Bleeding Hollow clan, led by Kilrogg Deadeye, participated in the first attack on Stormwind Keep, along with the Twilight's Hammer clan, led by Cho'gall.[6] This first attack was an unmitigated disaster for the orcs, and Deadeye and Cho'gall blamed the failure on each other. A rift soon grew that threatened to rip the Horde apart before it had even begun its conquest of Azeroth. Gul'dan quickly stepped in to quell the problem, reinstalling Blackhand as Warchief of the Horde.

During the Second War, the Bleeding Hollow clan was stationed throughout Khaz Modan, where it controlled the Horde's vital mining and oil refining operations. After the Horde's defeat, they were able to evade capture by Alliance forces. With Ner'zhul's help they were able to make it back to the relative safety of Draenor. Under his uneasy rule they faced an invasion of Draenor made by human expedition forces.

When the world started to collapse, due to the numerous portals opened by Ner'zhul, Bleeding Hollow along with the Warsong and the Shattered Hand clan attempted to save themselves by breaking through the human fortifications near the Dark Portal and getting back to Azeroth before Draenor collapsed. These clans entered it just in time before Archmage Khadgar closed it completely. However, the Bleeding Hollow clan was captured by the Alliance and placed into the internment camps. Part of the Bleeding Hollow clan remained on Draenor and survived.

When Thrall liberated the Orcs of the internment camps, the imprisoned Bleeding Hollow members were recruited. The clan now flies the banner of the New Horde, but no doubt has an individual presence, like the Frostwolf Clan.

The remnants of the Bleeding Hollow on Draenor appear to be split. One portion joined the Fel Horde and inhabit Zeth'Gor in Hellfire Peninsula, as well as parts of Hellfire Citadel. Another part, residing at the ancestral grounds of the Bleeding Hollow on the edge of Terokkar Forest, remained uncorrupted. Led by Kilrogg's son Jorin, they were forced out of their lands by a clan of ogres, and fled to the safety of the Mag'har stronghold of Garadar in Nagrand.

Notable Leaders

History Shamanism Rise of the Horde First War Second War Interbellum Third War World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade Wrath of the Lich King Cataclysm Mists of Pandaria Warlords of Draenor
Ruler Draenor / Horde 中立
Kilrogg Deadeye
Kilrogg Deadeye
Jorin Deadeye
Jorin Deadeye
Fel Horde / Illidan's forces 交战
Grillok Darkeye & Morkh

Known members

Name Role Status Location
IconSmall FelOrc Male.gif 交战 Grillok "Darkeye" Deceased Zeth'Gor, Hellfire Peninsula
IconSmall OrcBrown Male.gif 部落 Jorin Deadeye Warchief Alive Garadar, Nagrand
IconSmall OrcBrown Male.gif 部落 Kilrath Alive Bleeding Hollow Ruins, Terokkar Forest, later Wintergrasp
IconSmall Orc Male.gif 部落 Kilrogg Deadeye Chieftain Deceased Shadow Labyrinth, Auchindoun
IconSmall ChaosOrc Male.gif 交战 Morkh Warlord Deceased Zeth'Gor, Hellfire Peninsula
IconSmall Orc Male.gif 部落 Pargath Throatsplitter Unknown


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