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Dunemaul clan
首脑 Unknown

IconSmall Ogre Male.gif Sandscraper

IconSmall Ogre Male.gif Gor'marok
种族构成 食人魔食人魔食人魔
IconSmall OgreMage.gif Ogre mage
主城 Dunemaul Compound
势力范围 Tanaris
主要语言 Low Common
所属阵营 Horde
  前 Independent
状态 Active

The Dunemaul clan[1] is a large clan (also referred to as a band) of nomadic ogres who have taken over a large area of Tanaris and formed a compound to the south. The leader of this clan was Gor'marok the Ravager, but was replaced by Sandscraper at some point.

Following the Cataclysm the Dunemaul clan was brought into the Horde by Megs Dreadshredder and the Dunemaul "Emissary", who are stationed at the Dunemaul Recruitment Camp, through means of force and treats.

The Dunemaul clan find the silithid at the Noxious Lair to be a healthy dose in protein.[请求来源]

Notable members

Name Role Status Location
IconSmall Ogre Male.gif Dunemaul "Emissary" Emissary Active Dunemaul Recruitment Camp Tanaris
IconSmall Ogre Male.gif Sandscraper Warlord Deceased Dunemaul Compound Tanaris
IconSmall Ogre Male.gif Gor'marok the Ravager Warlord Deceased Dunemaul Compound Tanaris
IconSmall Ogre Male.gif Omgorn the Lost Killable Dunemaul Compound Tanaris
IconSmall Ogre Male.gif Cyclok the Mad Deceased (presumed) Dunemaul Compound Tanaris (formerly)



  • After they were "recruited" by Megs, she has them caged up and sent to other locations to work for the Horde, leaving only sand where they once were.[1]
    • For game purposes, the ogres remain in the area and still hostile towards the Horde.


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According to Quest:The Dunemaul Compound, the clan arrived to Tanaris "recently", so they probably did so between the events of the Third War and World of Warcraft rather than before the Third War.