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RPG info
都城 联盟 达纳苏斯
种族 达纳苏斯暗夜精灵男性达纳苏斯暗夜精灵女性暗夜精灵
政权 议会选举制
统治者 联盟  高阶女祭司 泰兰德·语风
联盟  大德鲁伊 玛法里奥·怒风
主要城镇 联盟 多兰纳尔
联盟 奥达希尔
次级村落 联盟 鲁瑟兰村
语言 达纳苏斯语, 通用语, Ursine
信仰 Ancients, druidism, 艾露恩
资源 Gold, hunting, leather, timber
阵营 联盟
地理位置 Veiled Sea, Northern Kalimdor
PVP状态 联盟领地 (PvP realms only)



泰达希尔规模很大, 从海中升起的巨大树干托起了整个暗夜精灵家园和枝叶间的首都达纳苏斯。新的世界之树不像之前的,它出生时并没有得到守护巨龙的祝福。不过在玛法里奥泰兰德的婚礼上,阿莱克斯塔萨伊瑟拉最终还是把她们的祝福给了泰达希尔,一直持续至今。[3] The behemoth of a tree now dwarfs even 诺达希尔, and is large enough that a decent amount of land has emerged atop its gargantuan limbs. Trees, flora, and fauna are now verdantly spreading across the magical tree.

Teldrassil sees very little PvP action because Horde players have to cross through Rut'Theran Village and Darnassus. Prior to the Cataclysm, the only way for Horde players to get to Teldrassil itself was via ship from Auberdine (also Night-Elf controlled) on mainland Kalimdor. Most other starting areas are directly accessible by the opposing faction without such obstacles. (Since the release of Cataclysm, Horde players can reach Teldrassil via flying mount from northern Darkshore.)

The island takes the name of the "tree" as well, and a twilit forest now covers it.[4]


Teldrassil from Warcraft.


古树之环和强大的德鲁伊们联合力量,在迷雾之海中种下了一棵巨树。他们叫它“泰达希尔”,在达纳苏斯语中意为“大地之冠”。暗夜精灵在泰达希尔的枝叶间建造了他们新的家园,创造了粗壮树木组成的丛林和流动的河流, 暗夜精灵自此沐浴在树荫下的永夜中。


Malfurion, upon arriving at Darnassus, discovered that a remnant of a great evil was grafted into Teldrassil by Fandral. By grafting Xavius' fel-tainted branch[5] into Teldrassil Xavius and the evil behind his transformation into the Nightmare Lord were given a tie to both Azeroth and the Emerald Dream[6]

The archdruid managed to remove the branch that was corrupted and eventually restored the tree to what it was supposed to be in the first place. Alexstrasza, impressed that the tree could prosper alone without her influence or her kin's, blessed it belatedly. She and Ysera later gave a second blessing during the wedding of Malfurion and Tyrande Whisperwind. The tree flourishes even more under the gifts from the Life-Binder and She of the Dreaming, even if still being unable to return the night elves' immortality due to the continued absence of any blessing from Nozdormu.

Of late, Teldrassil’s recovery has slowed, and signs of the Nightmare’s corruption have resurfaced. Already burdened by political tension and the vast destruction unleashed by the Cataclysm, the night elves must now ascertain the cause of their beloved World Tree’s ailment and refocus their efforts on the dire situation facing Azeroth.[7]

It is later revealed that the "growing corruption" is actually Teldrassil purging itself of the corruption that has burdened it with taint and perverted it's growth for all of the years it's been in existence. With the corruption having been buried deep inside Teldrassil, it would have been impossible to strike at the source without killing the world tree itself. The aspects' blessing has allowed Teldrassil to force the taint to the surface in a form that the night elves can destroy.[8] The Bough of Corruption was the one last remnant of Xavius that remained to torment the night elf people on Teldrassil and was the source of the Fel Moss that has tainted the gnarlpine, the timberlings, and everything else.[9][10]


Teldrassil[11] (Artwork originally labeled as Idrassil).

The majority of Teldrassil's upper reaches is open forest and it resembles a mid-sized forested island. Darnassus takes up a large chunk on the western side of this island, while the smaller cities of Aldrassil and Dolanaar dot the remaining forest. All forms of terrain exist here, including streams, full-sized lakes, and a few hills that might be considered mountains.[1] The waterways were created and continues to be fed only by the dew collected by the massive World Tree, and the night elves manipulated the waterways around Darnassus to maintain them and the splendor of the Temple Gardens.[12]

The entire zone of Teldrassil is in fact one huge tree, grown on an island off the coast of Kalimdor. As such, there are no ore deposits to speak of here and the night elves are not known as crafty blacksmiths or miners. However, because the tree is so full of life, herbs are numerous.

Teldrassil contains no dungeons, raid dungeons, micro dungeons, or battlegrounds. It is the starting area for the night elves and contains a very sheltered 1-5 leveling area, Shadowglen. The night elf capital city of Darnassus can also be found in this zone, though the travel hub is actually located at Rut'theran Village (accessible by portal from Darnassus).

At the tree's base there are some pieces of wooded land between its roots, one of which has an abandoned furbolg house on it, as well as Rut'theran Village.

Although Teldrassil is only the size of a mid-sized island in width, its sheer height rivals any other island. It has been described in the RPG as an "island continent".[13] Another reference in the book[4] and other sources simply call it an island.

Maps and subregions

Teldrassil map
Teldrassil from the comic.

Travel hubs

Teldrassil from the comic.

Rut'theran Village is connected to Darnassus by a portal. Players can also reach Rut'theran Village by boat from Stormwind or Valaar's Berth.

This is also the only way for Horde players below level 60 to get to the island by themselves. One can attempt swimming from Darkshore using Swim Speed Potions and health potions, but this is not recommended.

联盟 Flight paths from Dolanaar

联盟 Flight paths from Darnassus

联盟 Flight paths from Rut'theran Village

联盟 Boat destinations from Rut'theran Village


Adjacent regions

Zone Name Faction Level Range Direction Access
Azuremyst Isle TBC 联盟 1-10 Southwest By boat from Rut'theran Village.
Darkshore 联盟 10-20 Southeast By swimming (Not Recommended), free flightpath (Alliance only), or by flying mount.