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The Crossroads
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The Crossroads
类型 Town
领导人 Sergra Darkthorn,[1]
Thork (leader of defenses)
种族 奥格瑞玛兽人男性奥格瑞玛兽人女性兽人
语言 Orcish, Taur-ahe, Zandali, Gutterspeak
从属 Horde
位置 Northern Barrens [50, 56]300px
来源: World of Warcraft

十字路口北贫瘠之地[50, 56]300px部落最大的城镇, aptly named for the crossing of the main north-south road (from the Gold Road) and the road from Ratchet in the east all the way to the Stonetalon Mountains in the west. Combined with its central location and the Wyvern flight routes, the Crossroads offers access to nearly all Horde outposts in Kalimdor. As such, this small crossing is the usually the first place you will see large gatherings of players outside of Orgrimmar or Thunder Bluff.

In addition to the numerous Horde players that gather there, Crossroads attracts its fair share of Alliance players as well. Within striking distance of Ashenvale to the north, and the port of Ratchet to the east, it is not uncommon to find an all out war happening outside one of the entrances of Crossroads on a daily basis. Larger scale Alliance assaults tend to occur during peak server population periods. (Between 4 PM and around midnight.)

The area outside the inn also serves as an informal practice ground for PvP, and offers a good place for lower level Horde players to cut their teeth, as these are skills that they will likely need when facing the Alliance in more sparsely populated, remote regions later on.

The Crossroads graveyard is considered the default graveyard for Horde players, much like the Sentinel Hill graveyard for Alliance players.


  • Butcher
  • Cemetery (outside South gate)
  • Equipment Repair
  • Flight Master - Devrak
  • Forge & Anvil (near West gate)
  • Inn (with Mailbox)
  • Stables (directly behind Inn)

Travel Connections


部落 Orgrimmar
部落 Thunder Bluff
部落 Bloodvenom Post
部落 Valormok
部落 Zoram'gar Outpost
部落 Splintertree Post
部落 Sun Rock Retreat
部落 Camp Taurajo
部落 Brackenwall Village
部落 Camp Mojache
部落 Freewind Post
中立 Ratchet
中立 Gadgetzan

The Crossroads NPCs

Class Trainers

Profession Trainers

  • IconSmall Orc Male.gif 部落 Traugh <Blacksmithing (Expert)>
  • IconSmall Troll Male.gif 部落 Kil'hala <Tailoring (Journeyman)>


Quests That Begin Here

Class Specific

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