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Icemist tribe
首脑 IconSmall Taunka Male.gif Roanauk Icemist
种族构成 IconSmall Taunka Male.gifIconSmall Taunka Female.gif Taunka
主城 Westwind Refugee Camp
Icemist Village (formerly)
根据地 Agmar's Hammer
势力范围 Dragonblight
主要语言 Taur-ahe
所属阵营 Horde
状态 Active

The Icemist tribe is a Taunka tribe that once occupied the Taunka capital city of Icemist Village.

Known Icemist taunka

In the RPG

The RPG Icon 16x36.png 本段文字所记述的内容来自魔兽争霸角色扮演游戏,这些设定可能是非官方设定.

The Icemist tribe were a group of tauren that lived in a single place in Northrend. At some point in the past, they colonized a small outpost in the Dragonblight near the border of Lake Wintergrasp and called it Icemist Village. The tribe would not enter the blight proper very often. They preferred the cold of the lake to the bitter air of doom and death of the blight. The tauren were friendly and would supply food, drink, and clothes to those in need. They would help desperate and injured travelers they found out in the wilderness.

When Brann Bronzebeard visited the village several years ago, it was being ruled by the tauren Tundra Coldhoof.[1]

Relation to canon

Questionmark-medium.png 以下为理论推测和演绎,不能被当做官方说明。

In World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, it appears this group became the basis for the taunka and winter tauren and Icemist taunka likely mean the same thing. However, there is a few notable differences, like them being led by by Roanauk Icemist, rather than Tundra Coldhoof and the taunka living in several camps throughout Northrend, rather than just Icemist Village. While some players have speculated that the description from the RPG is still canon, with the tribe having simply changed chieftains and several new villages having been established, there is currently nothing to indicate this in canon sources. It is noted that the RPG describes a lot of locations that were also present in WotLK, but have a different backstory, so it simply being altered for the game has precedence.


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